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We, the People. +. Nani Palkhivala: The Courtroom Genius This item:We, the Nation: the Lost Decades by Nani A. Palkhivala Paperback Rs. In stock. In later years, he was known as Nani Palkhivala—a household name, not only amongst lawyers, but .. He recounts the incident in his book We the Nation. We, the nation: the lost decades. Front Cover. Nani Ardeshir Palkhivala. UBS Publishers’ Write a review. We haven’t found any reviews in the usual places.

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Palhkivala million of them live outside India. Author also puts forward solutions of problems described. The Constitution intended that the Governor should be the instrument to maintain the fundamental equilibrium of the people of the State and to ensure that the mandates of the Constitution are respected in the State.

He strove smgle-mindedly to bring about the social integration of India, just as Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel brought about its political integration. To claim sovereignty for the state legislature was directly contrary to the law laid down by the Supreme Court m the aforesaid decision.

One of the reasons for dilution of the quality of education is the nsni increase in the number of educational institu- tions and of students To take the example of India, inthere were aroundeducational institutions, whereas now there areThe aggregate amount of privy purses guaranteed to the Rulers of different States came to an insignificant sum of less than Rs 5 naton Rulers died in normal course, and the privy purse bani reduced when their successors were recognized as Rulers Yet, the then government abolished privy purses disregarding the constitutional mandate Referring to the guarantee regarding pensions to the palkhivlaa services, which was to be embodied m ArticleSardar Patel said m the Constituent Assembly on October 10, This is the highest rate of wd ever paid by the government of India.

The budget which he has introduced in Parliament is that of an honest humanist It is not a budget to make you deliriously happy or to drive you to the verge of suicidal despair It may be regarded as a good budget m bad times, though it might have ranked as a bad budget in good times.

It must be remembered that the donation was made in November when the scam had not yet exploded Mr Narasimha Rao should have put the blunt palkhivvala — is there any member of the Lok Sab ha who has got elected without financial support from others?

Every age must take a step forward in evolution, but unfortunately India has been taking several steps backwards. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Purnima rated it it was amazing Jul 01, There is no reason for the continuation of partial control on cement except the reluctance of the bureaucracy to let go its powers and the national penchant for sticking to arsenic and old lace December palkhviala, O ur recent history has hardly been the march of enlightenment It has been as much a story of precipitate regression in human values as of tardy progression on the economic front The year has seen India slip into stridency.

See all 10 reviews. In Maharashtra itself, three years after the condemnation by the Keskar Committee, a study group headed by Mr S K Wankhede, after labouring for about seven years, recommended m the immediate abolition of octroi.

After he became a widower at the age of thirty -three, the only love in his life was his motherland to which palkhival was passionately palihivala.

Refresh and try again. The European Economic Community esti- mates that at least ten per cent of the income earned m its member countries escapes tax. But m order to achieve the potential, the three top priorities have to be population control, education, and changes in nagion policy even more drastic than those proposed by the present government, who have been understandably moderate m the reforms they have announced.

Investment allowance is investment by the government in national growth Developing countries find it indispensable Pakistan allows a deduction of 40 per cent above the cost as an investment incentive, Malaysia 60 per cent, while m South Korea the incentive is as high as per cent. Then the exemption was totally de from onwards.

The Sanskrit word dharma cannot be easily translated into English It has within it elements from the different concepts of law, righteousness, duty, and basic morality India has had an unrivalled tradition of religious freedom and tolerance. Ritesh Kumar Sethia rated it really liked it Oct 13, In the Library Request this item to nahi in the Library’s reading rooms using your library card.

We, the Nation: the Lost Decades by Nani Palkhivala

Amazon Renewed Refurbished products with a warranty. Let us never forget that descent into a police state is deceptively easy. Plakhivala and its prophet Mandal, are necessary and sufficient to ignite an unprecedented national conflagration. May 09, Ameyavikrama Thanvi rated it liked it. An authoritative pronouncement on the legal implications naji Article 37 1 may induce second thoughts in the minds of the ill-informed who are today agitating for invoking that Article In any event, if action is taken thereafter nattion that Article m the light of the legal position elucidated by the Supreme Court, it would then be beyond the pale of controversy Misconceptions about Legislative Privilege A il Commission, headed by Mr Justice B Lentin, one of the finest Judges of the Bombay High Court, was appointed m to inquire into deaths of patients m the J.

We, the Nation: the Lost Decades

The motive of some of our leaders m the past palhkivala years in adopting socialism might have been honest. If an angel descends from the heavens today and proclaims from the Qutab Minar that India can attain swaraj within 24 hours provided I relinquish my demand for Hindu-Muslim unity, I shall retort: Share your thoughts with other customers.

The title of his book summed up his verdict on the government of the day. Sumant Moolgaokar is no more. His memory was truly astounding and his industry prodigious He invariably read the voluminous record of every case before the hearing began and was able to recall the essential facts and figures with unfailing accuracy Never once did I find his grasp weaken or his memory fail.

Ajay Thakur rated it it was amazing Jul 27, The miracle of man is not how far he has sunk, but how magnificently he has risen. Ambedkar was too big a man to harbour any thought pzlkhivala vengeance or vendetta, ill- will or revenge, towards those who had been exploiting casteism from time immemorial.

The Budget has wisely cut the corporate rate of tax.

To hammer out as solid and compact a piece of work as one can. This is the only way of attracting large foreign investment Otherwise, m the prevailing atmosphere of fully justified mistrust of the Government, which NRI or other foreigner will invest on the basis of the proposed amendment of Section 10A of the Income-tax Act which promises a rax holiday to a new industrial undertaking for production of hardware or software m technology parks, or of Section IA which promises a tax holiday to any industry started m the sixteen specified areas and to any undertak- ing which generates or produces electricity m any part of the country?

A constitutional amendment would need a two-thirds majority in each House of Parliament which, in the present state of affairs, would nsni difficult to muster Moreover, if palkhviala nation has no sense of shame, it can delete the amendment any time m the future, just as it deleted the provision for payment of pnvy purses. Meenakshi rated it really liked it Oct 23, Public financing of political parties can be a sensible ingredient of the democratic process, but not when it is by the backdoor.

It is inherent m the very process of democracy that men of high character and exceptional calibre do not get nominated or chosen It is not the fault of the Constitution but flows from the innate limitations of adult franchise. Unfortunately, the s has been a degraded thhe — even professions like the legal, accountancy and medical professions, have become commercialized.