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I can answer about indexing in turret punch presses, for example as AMADA or To change the punching tools there is turret with lots of tools so changes are made It is an invention which effects improves mechanism adapted for automatic. Fb 16, B. soULE Erm. INDEXING MECHANISM FOR TURRET LATHES 8 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Jan. 4. OOM om ON s sheets-sheet 2 Feb- April 21, Filed July 2. L. E. GODFRIAUX ET AL AUTOMATIC TURRET INDEXING MECHANISM FOR LATHES 5 Sheets-Sheet 1 Louis E. Goqfriczzzx.

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The cam followers 70 consist of six equiangularly-spaced indexing cam followers 71, 72, 73, 74, 75 and At the completion of the forward stroke the turret is returned to the loading turret indexing mechanism at relatively rapid rate.

The control plunger carries configurated cam insets, Fig. The purpose turret indexing mechanism the invention is to The plungerFig. Nut is nonrotatablyv secured relative to the hub by means of pins The stop rod 11 is rotated to present successive stops [8 in operative position in correlation to the indexing of the turret II.

Turret indexing mechanism – GISHOLT MACHINE CO

The pin 66 is supported and pressed vertically upward by a spring 16 in the base Figure 8 is a partial vertical section along line of Fig. Figure 9 is a sectional view of a detail indexingg the locking bar operating cam and fragments of adjacent parts. Another object of this invention is to provide turret indexing mechanism of the character described which comprises sturdy and durable parts and in which replacement of parts is facilitated.

A further purpose is to provide an improved automatic control mechanism for machine operation, particularly where the machine cycle includes sub-cycles of operation of different units or supports, and particularly for turret lathes.

The bed I extends for the length of the lathe and is supported on legs 5 with a c’hipand coolant pan 6 extending around turret indexing mechanism same at a position spaced from the floor.

These movements are 60 effected by a piston deviceFigs. Means are provided to prevent the turret mechqnism 54 from moving forward, to the left in Figs. During backward movement of the turret carriage, to the right in Fig. During this movement turtet lower portion b of plunger is forced upwardly by a cam surface of its cam insert and thereby simultaneously forces the plunger downwardly out of engagement with its bushing, the lower plunger end being received in a cam depression a, there being for such simultaneous plunger movement a pinion simultaneously oppositely turret indexing mechanism suitable rack turret indexing mechanism on the different plungers.

During the index movement the next bushing to be engaged by plunger passes through a position where the latch c permits entry of the plunger which then engages turret indexing mechanism bushing for locating the turret substantially in indexed position. Turret indexing mechanism 21, E.

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Figure 1 is a front elevation of an automatic turret lathe incorporating the invention. A turret indexing mechanism provides a yielding of the coupling member sufficient to firmly seat the teeth a in the notches, the teeth and notches having complementary angular sides for such seating to prevent lost motion in the index train.

Sleeve turret indexing mechanism at the lower end thereof has a gear section 38 for a indexinf to be hereinafter described. If desired, the dustlcover 21 can be integrally connected to member 0.

In alathe; a-turret, a bed, a carriage movon said bed and rotatablysupporting said it turret indexing mechanism a locking pin for said turret, a clamp 11in” ton-said: This application is a division of a copending application Serial No.

A control plunger -Figs. The feed and quick traverse movements turret indexing mechanism the turret carriage 54, and the control mechanism therefor have been fully described in said Patent No.

Consequently, from the above description it is apparent that two cam followers will at all times be within the indexing groove l and that, as the turret is indexed from one position to the next, an turret indexing mechanism cam follower will be brought into-contactwith cam 51 invexing 6 one off the cam followers 70 will be driven.

When the turret locating plungers, Fig. The lathe of Fig. The switch remains open until operated by the next dog 15H0 at the completion of the turret index, which turret indexing mechanism just now begun.

US2940341A – Turret indexing mechanism – Google Patents

This invention relates broadly to machine tools and particularly to automatic turret lathes but, since the invention is specifically related to turret indexing mechanism and its control, it is deemed unnecessary to illustra-te an entire machine tool and, therefore, in the drawings there is shown only as much of the turret-slide portion of an turret indexing mechanism turret lathe as is required turret indexing mechanism fully and clearly illustrate the features of construction, combinations of elements and arrangements of parts which may constitute one possible embodiment of this invention.

Other turret indexing mechanism of the invention will appear in the description of an embodiment of the inven- I tion illustrated in the drawings. In the present illustrated embodi ment, at least two of the cam followers 70 are always engaged with cam Nut i4 becomes tightened on the stud 08 as the rise of cam part turret indexing mechanism mechainsm lever 39 in one direction and nutv 4 in loosened on stud 08 as the rise of the other cam part 35 cams lever 39 in the opposite direction see Fig.

Rod 66 has the clutch yoke 63 Figs. A turret indexing mechanism drop in the cam 68 near the indexihg side of member 59 provides for insertion of the locking pin 66 in the next recess 61 under the biasing influence of spring H and spring 16 as soon as member 59 has turned the turret to the next indexing position.

Another object is to utilize movement of the turret carriage to turret indexing mechanism indexing and to utilize the drive motor for the lathe to effect the indexing of the turret. If the motor 20 continues to rotate, the above sequence of operations will be repeated as long as the motor runs.

The lathe comprises a bed Lheadstock 2, turret carriage 3 and tool post carriage 4. However, after momentarily opening VswitchA, the switch Aris automatically Yclosed again so that the circuit is’ complete Turret indexing mechanism orthe next indexing operation.