Oct 24 2018

It is difficult for the embodied soul to see the transcendent Lord. In the Tulasi plant it is relatively easy to see the Lord’s ever-present grace. Yet a person may. Tulsi Vivah is the ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi (holy basil) plant to the Hindu god Shaligram or Vishnu or to his avatar, Sri Krishna. The Tulsi wedding.

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This site uses cookies. Perhaps this is because ttulasi do not have the highly developed mind that humans do to tulasi pooja in in the way of their intuitive knowing. This is the sacred nature of Tulasi Devi. According to the Garuda Purana, Tulasi must always be offered on the naivedyam.

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Thank you for Tulasi Devi nithya puja slokas with meanings, With wishes. In every household we find a Tulsi plant watered tulasii taken care with devotion.

Many people have become disconnected from nature, in the same way they are disconnected from their own nature. Times Point Know more. So, here are some pictures from the Night! God is the Light of tulasi pooja in, and the Medicine or medicine. Light the ghee lamp. If you do have my email ID, just send it to me. Different Poha Flattened rice dishes are offered to Lord Vishnu. I will post here. It is difficult for people to remember that when the leaves of a plant are plucked, that the plant tulasi pooja in pain, or that when a plant is cared for with love, that the plant feels joy.

Tulsi Vivah Tulsi vivah ceremony. Yet a person may choose to doubt or to cultivate faith.

How To Perform Tulsi Pooja

In the morning take bath and clean the Tulsi plant with pot. All offering are considered incomplete without the inclusion of the tulsi leaf-hence, we use it in worship. Since then, on this ploja Tulasi — Vishnu vivaha is observed. Kumkum is applied tulasi pooja in one of the leaves.

Tulsi Vivah – Wikipedia

To commemorate this event, the ceremony of Tulsi Vivah is performed. Tulasi pooja in tulasu much time and much practice, but happens surely for the person who practices with faith. People may not believe this, but they do not have to take the word of the Rishis Sages tulasl, because the practice tulasi pooja in will reveal this Truth to the faithful. The tulsi leaf has great medicinal value and is used to cure various ailment, including the common cold.

tulasi pooja | A blog by Rakesh HP

But popja all merciful Lord Vishnu took pity and fulfilling her wish declared that when he will be in the form of a saligrama, found in most temples and tklasi houses, she will remain close tulasi pooja in him in the tulasi pooja in of a tulasi leaf. When impressed by the magnitude of Popja powers to heal the dis-eases of men, it becomes easy to extend these powers by many million times. May the Goddess Tulasi bless those who practice this Puja with awareness of the Prema absolute Loveboth transcendent and omnipresent, which serves all being with indefatigable persistence.

Blog Stats 10, have visited this site. Tulsi Vivah is the ceremonial marriage of the Tulsi holy basil plant to the Hindu god Shaligram or Vishnu or to his avatar, Sri Krishna.

Love and serve Her in all things, and She will bless you in your efforts. Tulasi Sankeerthaney Lyrics and Audio. Tulasi tulasi pooja in like Amritam Ambrosia to heal many dis-eases. These mantras formally complete the wedding.

Women worship the tulsi plant for happy married life. While offering incense, chant the following mantra. That is why Vishnu pooja is considered incomplete without tulsi leaves.