Nov 14 2018

Sri Sai Leela – Old Sai Leela Archive- Experiences of Sai devotees- Historical documentaion of Shirdi Sai baba’s life, spiritual interaction with His devotees and . 11 Nov Om Sai Ram, I dont know whether you can get hard copies of Saileela Magazine, But you can read up saileelas from here. 1. Shirdi Sai. 28 Nov Hi, I am very eager to read Sai leela Magazine published by the Sai Sansthan, Shirdi. But I found only the recent editions are translated to.

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Also all the pictures were especially obtained by the devotees concerned, as nowhere in the local bazars we came across egnlish picture of Shri Sai Baba for sale. I felt that I should take that photo to the hospital. He knows when to give, what and in what measure, through whom and how to make the man feel that it was only through God’s Grace that he was relieved of his suffering and to be relieved of all his sufferings he should invoke the blessings of the Almighty for ever-till the end of his life.

Such was the kindness of the Saint who responds to the call of humanity if only the persons look to Him. Leeka cycle was twisted beyond recognition and he was unconscious. Gopal Engglish October After I retired inI reverted to Sri Sai’s work, the whole day being at my disposal to serve, think and feel wai Sri Sai. After a few minutes by which time I had gathered a little courage I surveyed the compartment again, for the fear had not totally left me.

enhlish Such has been my own experience and there are ever so many people who have had the same experience once they came into contact with Sri Swamiji. The searching eyes of Baliah and other members of the party could not locate him.

Navin Chander from Hyderabad. He had no distinction of caste, creed, colour or calling. It was snowing at the time and there was eighteen inches of snow on the road and approach to our home.

My family is in Madras.

After Baba was thus given bath of devotion, the devotees, started getting ready to offer garlands. I moved to a front seat, for the tension within me was increasing. The journey was very pleasant He had also shown me Bus Stand at Ahmadnagar to continue my journey to Shirdi. It can be felt only. Baba – A Successful Physician J. You will have a painless delivery here and now”. In few moments I met a pilgrim returning from Kedarnath and he wished me with the words ‘Jai Kedar’.

The plane, already delayed by three hours, took off at about.

Nimbalkar Retd July August It was in the year that I happened to go to Bombay on some personal work.

He was now a changed man by the grace of the Lord. But remember me always, believe in me heart and soul and then you will be most benefitted”.

Let them go back without difficulty”. Three of them are married all within a range of 45 days.

You have done a great job”. Hospital authorities summoned the anesthetist and within two hours of arriving at the hospital the surgery was commenced. Then what happened to Seenu’s grannie? At his mere presence, I shook and shivered with great terror and a flick of thought crossed my mind as to who was this devil who came here to finish and eat me up when I came here for the darshan of Babaji. Shri Samarth Sadguru Sai Natharpanmastu. When questioned I was told there was a heavy downpour of rain at 4 pm that day as a result of which the side canals were flooded.

I was then worried about my job opportunities and was praying to Goddess Rajarajeshwari and Baba to show me a right place.

When I was in India I used to attend bhajans on Thursdays. While expressing these sentiments to Maharaj, I turned my eyes towards His Padukas and saw that the entire Padukas had been smeared with Udi.

I have faith in Shri Sai Baba. Instead of eating in the hotel, he brought four ” Dosas ” and asked me also to have one. This movie reinforced my faith and devotion for SAI.

I then talked to the Sikh owner who told me that he usually visited Shirdi near Manmad in Maharashtra. As it was heavily snowing, most of the roads were blocked. This fact also evidences His absolute control over the fire and its attributes. On the way we passed through Deva Prayag, where Alakananda meets Bhagirathi and the river gets the name ‘Ganges’.

We should make it a habit to say “Let us do this, let us do that” etc. The Infinite Grace M. May all get what they deserve, from Sri Sai Ram! In the morning I thought over the matter coolly, and my conscience prompted me that Shri Sai Baba desired me to avail the opportunity of deputation to Poona so that I could visit Shirdi also from Poona and have the darshan of Shri Sai Baba for which I was longing since a long time. The mental eye of Srinivas was opened.

The great-ul father named that child as Sai Baba. Nagaraja Rao September Yes, He is still there! Graciously enough my trouble was over soon after.

Sai leela magazine in English??

It appeared that the whole of that Udi will make a good quantity, but when it was collected by Maharaj, it turned out to be just a pinch. And now He was here again as if to tell me that “Look! It was the end of the year