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This page is about Punjab Police Rules applicable today in all police stations of the Punjab, Pakistan under the Police Act and Police Order . 18 Apr Punjab Police Rules (Pakistan) Constitution – For the purposes of section 3 of the Police Act (V of ) the Punjab is divided into. 1. THE PUNJAB POLICE RULES. (AS APPLICABLE IN HARYANA STATE) .. (e) a person of Indian origin who migrated from Pakistan, Burma, Sri.

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If the financial capacity of the community is insufficient to pay for a force which can exercise effective control, other methods such as action under the preventive sections of the law [or under the Criminal Tribes Act] must be resorted to.

Laws, Rules & Regulations | Punjab Police

Convveyance allowance at Rs. Collar and necktie — As in cold weather mess dress. This means that the grant made after 23 rd August, should be deemed to have been made on for the purpose of counting subsequent spells of 3 and 7 years. Medal for Gallantry in Saving Life at Sea. They should not overlap, and phnjab there is not sufficient room to wear the ribbons in one row, they should be worn in two or more rows, the lower being arranged directly under the upper.

Jubilee, Corantion and Durbar Medal —.

Statement of transactions of clothing fund — At the end of each financial year statements exhibiting the transactions of the clothing fund for the past year shall be prepared in each district inForm 1 A and B and entered in the cash book after the balance for the year in question.

Service Medal of the Order of St.

Superintendent of Police – The Superintendent of Police is the executive head of the district police force. Frog — Pakistah brown leather, attached to the shoe case near side for carrying the sword scabbard; shoe case fitted with a leather steadying strap. Unless such misconduct is established after hearing any explanation the police officer concerned may have to offer, or unless reference to it is necessary for the elucidation of the case, it is only just to him that no notice punjjab it should be taken in the judgment; but a separate note should be at once forwarded to the District Magistrate, who should pay due attention to it, conducing punjqb competent and impartial agency any enquiry that may be necessary, and absolving from blame any police officer who may after all be found innocent of fault, but taking adequate notice of any misconduct that may be established.

Code of Criminal Procedure, to investigate cases and pollce officers then have the powers to investigate, which are granted under Chapter XIV, Code of Criminal Procedure, to any officer making an investigation under that chapter.

Reserves — Reserves in the various ranks are fixed to provide for casualties and training. The law gives them many more powers than policd required for hearing cases, and they are interested in every crime in their jurisdiction from the moment of its commission.

When the miniature or riband of a higher grade of a junior Order is worn with that of a lower grade of a senior Order, the higher grade miniature or riband should come first, e. Rules regarding installation of electricity in police buildings — 1 All proposals for the installation popice electric lights and fans in non-residential buildings shall be submitted, accompanied by a rough plan showing where the lights and fans are to 194 installed and a rough estimate or the cost involved, to the Deputy Inspector-General who will accord administrative approval if the cost involved does not exceed Rs.

Police Rules, 1934 (Vol, I, II & III)

Repairs of clothing — Repairs of clothing shall be carried out by the tailor with materials of the standard pattern issued from the clothing store. This grant is distributed among Deputy Inspector General by the Inspector General who retains a proportion of the totl amount as his reserve Deputy Inspector in turn distribute their grants among districts after retaining such portion as is necessary to form a reserve.

The serge uniform will be issued in addition to the khaki unform. As a safeguard against a second issue on this sanction the clothing head constable will endorse the sanctioning order, with the quantity and date of issue at the time of making the entry in the register. Belt Waist Black Leather.

It is at the option of individual officers to provide themselves with this article of uniform where the climate renders it necessary. Disposal of claims for family quarters or house rent allowance — In determining the priority of claim for family quarters or for the grant of house rent allowance, the Superintendent of Police shall be guided by the following consideration in the order given below: Foreign Medals in order of date of award.

All gazetted officers, except Prosecuting Deputy Superintendents, shall proved themselves with at least one horse not less then 14 hands 1 inch in height or mounted duties, unless specially exempted for doing so by the Inspector General.

This will present no difficulty in cases in which duration periods are fixed in terms of whole years.

Laws, Rules & Regulations

One inside breast pocket. A consolidated indent will prepared in the Central Police Officer for the whole province and forwarded to the Chief Ordnance Pinjab, General Headquarter Rawalpindi on or about the 1 stApril in each year. Companions of the Distinguished Service Order. The latter, after forward it to the Inspector-General of Police, through the Commissioner of the division.

pubjab No general scale can be laid down. Application for the exemption of individuals as opposed to classes from payment of additional police tax need not be submitted to Government through Commissioners of Divisions. Deficiencies in strength of short duration shall be met by curtailment of duties; those of longer duration, caused by leave, other than casual leave resignations, etc.

Deputy Inspector General of Police. Long Service and Good Conduct Medal. General rules — 1 Government undertakes rues responsibility in respect of persons or property protected by additional police neither shall police officers be deemed responsible for the contents of buildings, boxed and the like committed to their charge.

Punjab Police Rules

Police to obey all orders issued in judicial capacity poliice The police shall obey and execute all lawful orders issued to them by judicial officers in the exercise of the powers conferred on them by law. In the case of proposals including several villages, the statistics of each shall be given separately.

Administrative division — The District of the province are polife in Ranges and the administration of all police within each such range is vested in a Deputy Inspector-General under the control of the Inspector-General of Police. Extra for men employed on Drill staff.