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The literal meaning of Pratyabhijñāhṛdayam is “Heart –hṛdayam– of Recognition –pratyabhijñā–“. Nonetheless, there are three possible ways of interpreting. PRATYABHIJNAHRDAYAM ♢ THE SECRET OF RECOGNITION TRANSLATED BY KURT F\ Digitised by Ajit Gargeshwari For Karnataka. 21 Mar KSTS edition (Kashmir Series of Texts and Studies).

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Or, [according to a different interpretation of the sUtra ], we have to understand by sthitis pratyabgijnahrdayam [different] acts of identification with the inner reality in which all darsanas come to a standstill, that is to say, all processes by which we become conscious of blue29 pleasure and the rest [of represen- tatives of empirical categories].

And, just as the Exalted One actuates during the opening of the impure path the emanation and the rest [of processes] which consist in the unfolding of his own real nature — thus he carries out the five processes even in the role of saihscLra whereby, we must concede, the cit-sfakti is subjected to limitation.

Other manuscripts used for collation are the following found in the Adyar Library: Dualizing thought constructs must be eliminated and in their place the light and ecstasy of pure awareness shines as the real nature of cognition. In the present passage it is the failure to recognize the true nature of the atman ; cf.

And these sthitis are his rolesi. The S’aivagamas are Shivaite works which the followers of the Trika uphold as authoritative and interpret monistically. S’ivabhatturakalc however, who transcends this and whose pratyabhijnaurdayam form is light merely, has pratyabhijnhrdayam which likewise consist of light only.

Again, this self ahantn represents the stage of the great power because all mantras proceed from and come to rest in it pratyzbhijnahrdayam because it calls forth, by means of these mantrasactivity with any object whatever [as aim].

Steiners und Indien has an illustration of the cakras on p. Pfatyabhijnahrdayam are five senses of perception, called buddhindriyas or jnanendriyas.


The aim of all Indian philosophy is salvation, that is, liberation from the compulsion of samsara, the cycle of rebirths, transmigration pratyabhijnahedayam soul. In proper order they are: In turn, all that is between double hyphen Ksemaraja ought not to be confused with other writers of the same or.

The Pratyabhijnahrdaya — Text and Translation. Should knowledge — as a means to salvation — not have been granted, there remains still the possibility of becoming liberated by the grace of Shiva see note 6 pratyahbijnahrdayam, from his own free choice svatantryagrants it to whomever he may choose. The absolute 9 citi is the cause when the universe is in the process of becoming perfected.

Kald here is used in a third meaning to be kept distinct from pratjabhijnahrdayam two other meanings cf. Contrariwise, the stage of re-absorption which, for the individual soul, is relatively higher is felt by the universal soul as being relatively lower, just because the object vanishes. One must know that here unfolding is involved ; oneself must designate it as such.

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However, the meaning is as pratyabhijnahrdaaym. On the different means of salvation to be found within our system consult note Then, if it does not flash, nothing [at all] flashes. Panca-Kritya is a general practice which underlies all the other practices. The will-power of unrestricted sovereignty becomes anu-mala 53 when in the stage of limitation.

In consequence of the limitation of the saktis of this cit- like [atman] he becomes the mala- covered samsarin. Taimni, the Secret of Self-Realization. This work by our author has been preserved and has likewise been edited in the Kashmir Series of Texts and Studies. Inasmuch as [the other] does pratywbhijnahrdayam emerge, it is not real.

Pratyabhijnahrdayam : Ksemaraja : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

Thus, the word describes the moment of ecstasy when the Yogin is becoming enlightened. Only very recently has the Tantra literature become better known through the publications of Arthur Avalon pseudonym for J.

II C 1 ” II sakalas. Our author, however, who is much interested in the number five adds to these letters of the alphabet proper some consonant combinations so as to bring prwtyabhijnahrdayam number of sounds up to 2 times 5 times 5.

The worshippers of atman do not reach the pratyabhijnahrayam place of Shiva. For sadas’iva see notes 43 and Pratyabhijnahtdayam all are agreed on the fact that man himself effects his own salvation. Those, however, who do not likewise behold the totality of the object differentiated every- where. Should we desire to become liberated we must, through breath restraint pranaydmacalm pratyzbhijnahrdayam activity.

The horse-sacrifice is the most meritorious deed, the murder pratyabhijnahrdatam a Brahman the most heinous one, according to the old Brahmanic view. They end in the first cakracalled muladhara i. The Yoga of Supreme Identity. The concept turiya which, originally, was purely psychological, is here psychological and cosmological at one and the same time.

He is led astray by his own s’aktis 99 since the true reality of everyone [of these s’aktis ] is hid from him. Both terms have reference to the ultimate disappearance of all factors leading to further samsara. Now, then, entering into the body and the rest [of entities], the Lord may cause The luminous flood of inner things to appear outwardly — even pratyabhijnahrdyam the course of the world, according to his will.

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He who discovers again within himself Shiva, i. All things are made up of the manifold combinations which these atoms enter. Sahasrara appears, if at all, under the name of agrahhumi i. Subordinated to the vijnanakalas are the pralayakalas or pralayakevalins.