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Read Book Pinjar ebooks by Amrita Pritam on Rekhta Urdu books library. Navigate to next page by clicking on the book or click the arrows for previous and next. Tue, 06 Nov GMT pinjar by amrita pritam unionsquareventures pdf – pinjar by amrita pritam Sun, 28 Oct GMT pinjar by amrita. pinjar by amrita pritam wordpress com. Fri, 05 Oct GMT pinjar by amrita pritam pdf – Pinjar by amrita pritam pdf. Free. Download e-Books.

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While the movie was sure great, the book touches chords that not only make you sympathetic towards Pooro but also make you respect the men who go all out to fight for their wife, their sister. Jul 19, Miss K rated it it was amazing.

She has no control over her life. I think years back, I would never be able to appreciate her work, but now 10 yrs of marriage and kids have changed my outlook pritwm thinking processes altogether. The plot kept the reader on the edge. Clearly one of the bests of the two.

Discuss the status of women in Pinjar by Amrita Pritam.

Belonging from Punjab so it was obvious to heard about Amrita Pritam’s works as she has been highly praised for her post Indian revolution literary works. Pinjar, an amazing chronicle of life and times during the India-Pakistan partition, has since been made into a movie par excellence. Start Free Trial to Unlock.

Aug 07, Aadya rated it it was amazing. And if that isn’t scary, what else is? The one that took revenge while the other one had no excuse to be hurt. Hi Anita, Thanks for visiting my blog. The language of this particular novel is also very immature and crude. This meant that Puro becomes the symbol of what women had to endure during Partition. Apr 14, Mayuri rated it really liked it. However i strongly believe if something people of Punjab or Indians in addition to regarding this novel as Indian literary work have learned from it is that nothing.

Known as the most important voice for the women in Punjabi literature, inshe became the first woman to win the Sahitya Akademi Award for her magnum opus, a long poem, Sunehe Messages. It deserves 5 stars.

As Pritam recognized that Partition was used as a means to manipulate and consolidate political power, she also understood that this was representative of pinjag during the time period. I certainly expected a better job from Mr. Pritam set out to construct a narrative of Partition from the women’s point of view. One day Puro walks dangerously close to the fields that belong to Ramchand, her supposed-to-be husband where she herself was kidnapped, and gets to see him just last time.

This book is a must read for every Punjabi, Indian and Pakistani. I had to reread some passages. One of my jewish 55 yrs old colleague told me that women need to socialist which balances the capitalist attitude of men. Still one of the greatest amriita remains in Punjabi literature. I happened to read this book recently but had seen the movie long time ago. Not only that, he was a raconteur and knew precisely how to priitam the audience engaged.

Pooro like many other women in the book embodies the patriarchy that the world around us today inis still prigam to break free from. Now, vengeance has been proclaimed by Rashid’s Uncles, and have finally triumphed by successfully capturing Puro.

They are without a doubt are innocence and free to live. It is heartening to observe the strength and resilience with which the women cope with gendered violence, loss of identity, and a sense of alienation.

Parallel to the celebrations of the new marriage, is a celebration of Rashid: Amrita puts a living soul into each of her character. One of the strangest and most unnerving narratives I’ve read in a while- especially “The Skeleton”, this novel, set during the eve of Partition, and set amongst the conflicts between the Muslims and Hindus make a compelling and disturbing read.

Oct 03, Alok Chaturvedi rated it really liked it Shelves: One late evening while Rashid is out, Puro manages to break free the lock that entraps her in Rashid’s home, and runs back to her parents. However; the subject is good but the plot and storyline could have been better if handled properly.

Pinjar (novel) – Wikipedia

The title Pinjar skeleton portrays the mindset of devaluing women and reducing them to mere objects. A heart wrenching story of the fate of women in a patriarchical and religiously divided India, set in the backdrop of amriga.

There was no mercy in the ossified social system, no hope for rehabilitation. I am planning to write a article on her life.

The novel was made into an award-winning eponymous film in In a very powerful way, Pritam argues that the violation of the nation’s women on both sides of Partition is akin to how Partition itself violated the nation.

They still ache to be reconciled to them. Coincidentally, after having attended a book club meeting discussing Craig Thompson’s Habibi a graphic novel written by a white American which explores rape and sexual violence in a unnamed imagined Middle Eastern countryit was almost serendipity that I was to immediately pick up a book which tells a similar story, but through the eyes of a native. The plot moves through India’s independence the partition of the country into India and Pakistan when the communal tensions reached to monstrous levels on both side of the borders.

His dedication to helping her save Lajjo proved how much he indeed did love Puro, and for that Puro finds she can finally return his love. Nov 15, Digvijay rated it really liked it.

It was more a delve into human being’s thoughts and inner struggle. The book is a must for every Punjabi and should for every Indian off course literary fans.