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Cultivar Seed Mars 2010

Po Box oudthshoorn Tel: Ofalltheinputsusedinagriculture, none has the ability to affect productivity as much as seed. Po Box 99 Ruwa Tel: P o Box Tel: Ram Shetty at r. To achieve this, the partners – both public and private – are investing in the entire valuechain.

Alexis Ellicott aellicott cnfa. P Rabat Tel: The application of this annex will safeguard the gene pool and thus measure the importance of participative selection for small farmers, mainly through the payment of dues after the use of varieties produced by improving their seeds.

P o Box Kitale Tel: Kayentao Mamadou Technical Director: Distribution, Counter season production Address: It is true that the field activities have not yet started, however much has been achieved in terms of preparing and adopting documents relating to the institutional and legal framework.

P Taroudant Tel: Seed testing, Distribution, Commercialisation Address: King Agro 01 secteur 16 BP 11 ouagadougou Tel: Olivier Guibert – Infocentre: Three groups of objectives come to light: The question of intellectual property raises its head increasingly the more participative selection takes hold. Most African countries do not have plant breeders rights to protect investments in research and development 300-85 this limits theparticipationofsomeinnovative seed industry players.

Breeding, Production, Distribution, Commercialisation Address: Its president, Kanayo Nwanze, comes back on the issue of availability of quality seeds to farmers.

Calaméo – Cultivar Seed Mars

Egerton University Po Box Tel: Bean, Legumes, Pea, Potato, vegetables Activities: In addition, under the auspices of the Africa Summit on fertilisers in Juneit is in charge of setting up the African Fertiliser Financing Mechanism. Posbus oudtshoorn Tel: Posbus 62 mAgogoNg Tel: The AfDB has been involved in support action for the seed sector in Mali, starting in Other training courses concern organization, lobbying techniques and advocacy.

Sugar beet, Bean, Pea, Potato, vegetables Activities: Private Bag x Thohoyandou Tel: Until recently, these activities were carried out by the State in conjunction with the producer associationsandcooperatives.

Seed production and marketing has been transferred to farmers organised into seed producer groups tvaa a few private seed companies.

Que faire pour les renforcer? Potchefstroom Type of seeds: Syed osman Bokhari Quality Control Manager: P o BoxArusha Tel: As stated previously, the actions to date cover only the introduction of tools required to make the AFFM operational.

BoX Nakuru E-mail: Posbus george-oos Tel: Posbus dougLAS Tel: Located in IFAD loan-financed project sites, this initiative used innovative methods of participatory site selection, mapping and maintenance of genetic diversity. Governments must adequately fund basic koi and participatory testing with farmers and ensure rigorous quality control and certification.

Box dar-es-Salaam Tel: Po Box gPo Nairobi Tel: Posbus PotgieterSruS Tel: Po Box city deep Tel: Po Box molo Tel: Po Box White River Tel: Another example with sorghum: Box Arusha Tel: