Train tickets may no longer be purchased from GWXV.  You could try to show up at the depot and buy a ticket on another car, but ours are mostly full.

The train will leave on time.  If you are late, you will not be a passenger.  Please allow plenty of time to travel, find parking and check in with us.  Bring a cup of coffee!

You do not need a physical ticket.  Show up in time and we’ll have your names on a list, so will the GSMR.  If you’re on the list, you’re on the train. 🙂

Thursday, May 25
Meet at 9:45am

The depot in Bryson City, about 70-90 minutes west of Asheville


  • Service animals ONLY
  • For reference, Google Maps says that this is a about a 70 minute drive from the U.S. Cellular Center in Asheville, the location of the Friday all afternoon meet and greet event. Allow PLENTY of time to get to Bryson City from wherever you are staying. Those staying closer to Waynesville and Maggie Valley will have a shorter drive.
  • The train is ADA exempt. Access could be difficult for some.
  • Parking at the depot is $5 per car. There are free on street parking spaces around, but you need to be prepared to arrive earlier to allow for your parking space search and walk to the depot, or pay the $5.
    Purchase of the ticket includes admission to the train museum next to the depot in Bryson City if you would like to tour that after the train ride.
  • The ride is approximately 4 1/2 hours and you are returned to the depot in Bryson City
  • There is a 1 hour layover at the Nantahala Outdoor Center (NOC) where you can enjoy a picnic lunch by the river.
  • Although meals can be purchased from the GSMR with tickets, we are not including them. Instead, we are offering an inexpensive lunch option that will be provided at the NOC stop. At this time, we do NOT know if you could purchase a meal from the GSMR on the day of the ride or not. Best to assume not.
  • If you choose not to purchase this meal from us, you are encouraged to bring a bag lunch or snacks with you. There is a restaurant at the NOC layover, as well as an outfitter and store where snacks can be purchased. However, you MUST be on the train when it leaves or you will be a long and expensive Uber ride from where you need to be.
  • We will have a published event during lunch where you all can get a smilie, and others who are not on the train ride can stop by for a bit of fun and mingling. This is where your lunch will be delivered if you purchase one from us here with your ticket