Do I have to register for GeoWoodstock XV on this site?
Yes please, Everyone attending should go through the registration process. This allows us to plan accordingly for the number of participants. Please register through out store. You can select Free Registration if that is what you want and no payment will be requested.
Do I have to register family members and/or friends that I bring with me?
Yes please. Everyone attending, even non-geocaching family members and friends, should go through the registration process. This allows us to plan accordingly for the number of participants. Please register through out store. You can select Free Registration if that is what you want and no payment will be requested.
How do I register other people?
Add a registration to your cart, in whatever level(s) you like, FOR EACH PERSON that you are registering. Each registration will ask for information about the person being registered. The only item you must complete is their name for the name badge. WARNING: If you add a registration to your cart, fill it out with information for you or anyone else, and then increase the quantity to more than one, we will print multiple name badges with the name you entered. That is probably not what you want, so for registration, it is best to add a registration to your cart for each person and fill each one out individually. The VIP Couples registration is the only exception as it has fields for both people.
I ordered some things from the online shop and my order still says processing even though I've paid. Why?
The status of ALL paid orders will remain processing until the event. That is because the next step in the process, since there is no shipping involved, is complete. We don't feel that it is appropriate to mark an order complete when it hasn't been delivered to the customer yet. So they will remain in the "processing" status until after the event when we have time to go in and mark them complete. Of course by then you'll have received your goodies and it won't matter to you what the status is!!
What if I can't make the event, are there refunds or how do I get my order?
Yes, we offer full refunds through Saturday, April 29, 2017. After that, there will be no refunds. We will, however, be glad to give your packet to someone at the event to give to you. Please send us a message through this website using the Contact Us page with your order number, and the name of the person picking up your packet if applicable. Please choose the “General Inquiry” option. Only your written authorization will release your packet and the person picking it up will need proof of identity.
Why would I want to pay for one of the registration levels?
Each registration level has been uniquely designed to provide you a variety of options. There are many different levels to choose from. Each level has some great benefits. It also helps the organizers of the event by allowing us a revenue stream prior to the event so we can pay for swag and facilities. Another benefit is you are guaranteed swag even if the store sells out.
Can I pay by check or money order?
We are only able to accept payments through PayPal or Credit Card prior to the closing date of the store on May 1, 2017. You may purchase some items at the event and we will be able to accept CASH or CREDIT at that time, however, quantities will be limited.
What if I need to get a message to you, can I use the PayPal notes?
We prefer that you NOT use the PayPal notes. We expect to have thousands of orders, and can't read individual notes. We probably won't even see them. If you have a question about something, please ask us before checking out. We can be reached on our Facebook page, or via the contact page on the website. Thanks!
Why doesn't the id and password I used last year, or before, work this year?
For several years, the website was maintained by the same group of people. After GW XIII in Maryland, that group no longer performs this function. It is now the responsibility of each year's host organization to stand up the website, as it was in the early days of GeoWoodstock. Because of that, any id or passwords you used previously are not setup on this years website and you must register again.
If I make a mistake in my order and pay for it, can it be corrected?
First, we ask everyone to please, please review your ordered items in your cart before going to checkout. And then again in checkout. Make certain that what you have listed there is what you want. And double check the quantities. Did you really mean to order 2 shirts, 5 train rides, 1,000 coins? That is the time to correct the items and quantities. However, if you still get past that point and after paying realize that you have made a mistake and need to correct something, use our contact email address to tell us specifically what the problem is. ALWAYS INCLUDE YOUR ORDER # WHEN CONTACTING US ABOUT AN ORDER. We can take care of most things so don't stress too much. If you make a mistake on name badge information, it's a little harder for us to fix that. What that really means is that we can't fix it. At least not now. If you have one of those errors, tell us about it. We're keeping a list of these so when we print off name badges, we will do our best to apply the change manually prior to printing. Worst case is we forget and you get a badge that isn't quite right. We'll have blanks that you can use to write in the correct info, or if it's a small item, you can just use a pen/pencil to correct it. We might even think to bring some white out.
How long will the Store and Registration be open?
It's open now! We opened the store on January 7, 2017 and plan to leave it open as long as possible, probably until May 1.
How do I pay with credit card and not use a PayPal account?
PayPal has the ability to do just that. You need to go to checkout and let it take you to PayPal. Once there, you have the option to pay with a credit card without logging into an existing PayPal account or creating a new PayPal account.


Can I buy the event pathtag by itself?
Not in advance in the online shop. The event pathtag is included with all paid registrations. We will order extras to sell at the event on Saturday, May 27. We do not know at this time how many extras we will be ordering. The only guaranteed way to receive one is with a paid registration, but we hope to have the funds to order sufficient extra to cover most of the onsite demand.


How do I get my train tickets?
Once you purchase your train ticket(s), we have that in our database. We will come to the train depot in Bryson City with a list of all people who purchased train tickets along with the quantity. We will use this list with GSMR (Great Smokey Mountain Railroad) to ensure that only people who have paid for the ride get on the train and on to the cars that we have reserved. All you need to do is get there in time to park and get to the depot. If you do that, you will be good to go!


What is on the menu?

Regular Meal (with registrations that include meals and as a stand alone meal ticket purchase - pulled pork BBQ or smoked turkey BBQ sandwiches, (smoked tempeh available for vegetarians) with potato salad, baked beans, cole slaw, and banana pudding. Iced tea and lemonade to wash it all down.
VIP Meal - Ribs and pulled chicken replacing pulled pork and Turkey. We'll have different sides too.

Donations and Charity

Can I make a donation to help fund GeoWoodstockXV?
Absolutely! Funding GeoWoodstock is always a challenge for the hosts. The event is hosted by everyday geocachers just like you and each year’s hosts work hard at planning an unforgettable event on a shoestring budget. Please just add your donation during your cart checkout process.


Is camping available on site at the fairgrounds?
We do not have any areas on the property that we can allot to camping for this event. While the fairgrounds has allowed on site camping for events in the past, due to the size and nature of our event, the small area that the fairgrounds has set up for on site camping is just not adequate for us to use for that purpose. See the Travel Information page for local hotel discounts and a partial list of nearby campgrounds. In short we have determined that we just do have the space for onsite camping.
Are there event hotel and camping discounts?
We have worked closely with the Asheville and Haywood County Visitor’s Bureaus and have negotiated discounts with several area hotels. See the Travel Info page for more details. We are also working on campground recommendations and perhaps discounts as well.
Will I have trouble getting a hotel?
If you are staying in Asheville, you should not have a problem, although it is a holiday weekend and Asheville always has several things going on over the Memorial Day weekend so rooms do go. In the Waynesville area, there are many fewer hotels available so those rooms may disappear sooner. There are also many houses and cabins for rent in this area. We have used them before when traveling in a group and are always glad we did because we save money, have a much nicer place and enjoy the shared experience and closeness with friends. Check our VRBO or AirBNB if you are considering a house or cabin for your stay.
What is there to do in the area?
There is a lot to do in western North Carolina! Our top recommendation is to check out the local CVBs websites. Asheville CVB Everything you could want to know about visiting the Asheville area. Haywood County CVB Covers Haywood County and other parts of the Smokies. Waynesville shopping Interesting little site with a virtual tour of main street Waynesville.


Will there be free parking at GeoWoodstock XV?
Yes. There will be free on-site parking for attendees. We have engaged a local organization to handle that under our supervision. They regularly perform this function for the fairgrounds. We do ask everyone to follow their instructions to avoid backups and delays that can be very frustrating for all.
Will there be handicapped parking available at GeoWoodstock XV?
Yes there will. Our parking staff should be on the lookout for your mirror tags and plates, but if they miss it, let them know and they will direct you to the paved lot nearest the buildings. We plan to enforce the parking in that area quite closely. There are some marked handicapped spaces, but we will mark and reserve many more until we see that the need has been met. You do NOT need a special pass from us, your own license plate and/or state issued parking pass that hangs on the mirror is just fine.
How is VIP parking being handled?
We have areas set aside for VIP parking that is close to the main building, although most parking areas are close. We will be mailing out mirror hang tags to VIP registrants so our staff can easily identify you as you drive in and direct you. PLEASE have them on your mirror if at all possible to keep the traffic flow moving.


Are pets allowed on the grounds of GeoWoodstock XV?
Yes, well behaved, leashed pets are welcome outdoors on the grounds, but are NOT permitted in the enclosed buildings. Naturally, service animals are permitted anywhere a guest is permitted.
If you don't see your question here, please ask us on our Facebook or Twitter pages. The links can be found in the footer of each page on this site.