Ramblings from the Core – May 2017

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Talk about busy, I almost didn’t do this, but felt I owed it to the loyal reader. Singular. Ever the optimist. #goingcrazy #sleeplessnights #panicingthedetails

What’s been happening

We have the greatest team ever!  No matter how many times I screw up, they manage to recover from my stupid mistakes.  Seriously, I can’t even imagine where we would be if it weren’t for all of them.  I found out a couple weeks ago that I will have to travel for work for the 2 weeks prior to when I need to leave for the Asheville/Waynesville area.  I get back home the day before I need to head out.  I’ll miss some critical activities and the team and others are going to handle it without even missing me.  Now that I think about it, they’re probably glad to be rid of me.  When you see any of them during your time in NC, please thank them for all the work they have done to make GW the best we could.

Orders have been made, and then ordered again, and maybe again – see the screw ups reference above.  Most things have arrived, but a couple very important items are going to just make it.  Pathtags are in!  Coins are in production (and as the first snafu will be later than we had hoped, but we’ll manage).  VIP gift packages are ordered and items are being made and will be ready when we arrive on site.  Pens are in.  Calendars are in.  Other stuff is in or on the way.  Haven’t seen the Valium yet but I hope it’s a big supply, and so on.

We visited the area again over Easter weekend and spent several hours walking around the fairgrounds making adjustments to plans, using our superpowers to envision the area full of people having fun and making memories while we were tweaking our plans to maximize that fun.  An incredibly productive visit for ironing out those last details.  Our food guru met the caterer on site for final arrangements on that front.  And of course, we managed to sample many brews in Asheville and Waynesville.  Asheville is known by some, but understandably not all, as Beer City USA.  After exhaustive research, we will say that while Asheville may or may not be the one and only Beer City USA, it most certainly is A Beer City, and one that we enjoy visiting as often as possible. The research will continue indefinitely and we have openings for those that would like to apply as our co-researchers.  The more the merrier.

The store is closed.  There was a run of items and last minute registrations in the final weeks and we closed earlier than expected, but still made it to May.  While you can’t officially register on the website or purchase merchandise in advance, you are still most welcome to attend and purchase whatever items we have left in our store on Saturday.  And if you haven’t yet, log your will attend online at on the geocaching website.  Sorry to anyone who didn’t get their package ordered in time, the store was open 115 days so we’re not going to lose any sleep over it.

The store will NOT be at the Friday event, but will be open on Saturday at the main event in Waynesville.  We will have extras of most items.  Some more than others.  We ordered a bit too many LE and SLE coins, so if you want those, they will be available without any need to rush.  All other items are in more limited quantities.

Last month, we talked about several people who have helped us along the way.  I’m happy to say that Stephanie (wncsteph) is now a member of the Core committee.  The amount of help, support and time that she has given in preparation for this event goes well beyond the “call of duty”.  So we thank her and hope you will too if you see her at the event, or any of the other events during the week.  Stephanie, you’ve helped us more than we ever had a right to expect and the attendees will have a better time because of your efforts.  By the way, we pay in words, not money.  Sorry, should have read the contract.

Wooden Nickel holders – Bring your nickel to registration on Friday or Saturday. If your nickel has a winning number, you’ll get a prize. We will mark the nickel to show us it has been redeemed, but you can keep it.


We have enough parking. We’ll be there early in the week painting stripes. Let me tell you how much we’re looking forward to that.

The gates open at 9am.

Please don’t arrive early and expect to get in.  There really is a physical gate.  It will be closed.  If you think you can wait outside for the gate to open – DON’T.  There is room for a few cars and then you’ll be blocking traffic and possible deliveries that we need to get in as quickly as possible.  You don’t want to be ticketed by the local, county or state police.  Have a nice breakfast, find some caches, sleep in, do whatever you like, but don’t expect to get in if you arrive early unless you’re part of the setup crew, staff or a vendor.

Historically, the crazy time is from gates open (9am) until about 11 or 11:30.  We will have some parking volunteers to help us during that time, but probably not after.  If you arrive during those hours, it is important that you follow the instructions you are given either verbally or visually by the parking volunteers.

Don’t be one of those people that has to do their own thing and cause problems for our volunteers or slow down the line behind you.  Pulling straight into a space instead of insisting on taking more time so you can back in for a speedy escape is the thing to do.  Similarly, insisting on a particular space or row won’t earn you any friends.  It’s just a parking space.  The fun is at the event and none of the parking is that far away.

We ask that you NOT bring in trailers, big RVs, etc. if at all possible.  That of course does NOT include our vendors.

If you arrive after 11-ish and don’t see any parking volunteers, drive around and find a space.  VIP parking will be marked and is ONLY for VIP registration holders no matter when you arrive.  The paved area around the Apple Orchard is entirely reserved for handicap parking.  If you park on a paved area and don’t have a handicap placard or plate, you’re IN THE WRONG SPOT.  When you enter, take the first left.  From there, if you don’t see parking volunteers, there will be parking almost everywhere you go.  Find a space and join the fun.  You can NOT drive in the area of the main buildings or vendor barn (handicap and vendors excepted).

Last words

While you’re there, be sure to check out the “alley” between buildings.  That’s where the log (we think you’re going to love this one), the M*A*S*H signpost and tie dye will be.  It’ll be a good place to people watch.

For those who want to hang group signs, the chain link fence on the far end of the arena (past trackables) would be a likely spot, or anywhere on the back (road facing) side

I want to say more, because I like to hear myself talk, but the time just isn’t there to spare.  Time to pack for my 2 weeks of working in Nashville.

That’s all for this month until we see you in western North Carolina!  Safe travels to you all, it’s not how fast you get here, just get here.

21 more days

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