Ramblings from the Core – April 2017

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Welcome to the penultimate edition. Well, we might have one post event edition, so this is the penultimate pre-event update.

What’s been happening

The scheduled March panic will run over into April. The details just keep coming and we knock them down as quickly as we can. We’re leaving a trail of KO’d details behind us, but so many more keep jumping out in front of us. Kind of like walkers on the Walking Dead. And so it goes.
We have revealed the main event coin. If you haven’t seen it, you’re truly among the unfortunate ones. We received the proofs on March 11 and it’s very nice. We made a couple corrections and have ordered all versions. It was a complicated process to design this one and get the specs to the coin vendors, but we think the end result makes it all worthwhile.
We also ordered the Pathtags, both the event and set of 5.
As long as we’re talking about ordering things, because we will have ordered everything within a week or so, we will be monitoring the store sales closely. We want to leave the store open as long as we can, but if sales of items either ala carte or through registrations threatens the quantity available, we will have to begin turning off some items early so we don’t oversell. We are ordering extra of everything to cover estimated remaining online sales, and we hope to have some available at the event for those procrastinators and others who have to see things in person before buying. But there is absolutely no guarantee that we’ll have items for you at the event. And on top of that, we’ll probably raise prices for on-site sales vs. online advance purchases. Hint: buy online now if you really want something. We will leave the free registration open longer so people can at least get a name badge, but the free registration doesn’t come with the nifty neck wallet that paid registrations include.
We will be stuffing your registration packets in May before heading to the Asheville/Waynesville area. We even have a rehearsal planned so we can identify the best room layout, sequence of items and choreography that works for the materials/merchandise that will go into each packet and boxing everything up for transport. And of course we’ll probably all end up at a local brewery afterwards. With the right incentive, anything is possible.
Some of us will be in Asheville for all or part of Easter weekend. If you’re there, let us know and maybe we can get together when we’re not “working”. Hint, brewpubs work best for us. Can you see the recurring theme yet? We’ll probably make at least one more trip in early May. Many of us will be there for a full week before the big show, and the rest will be there at least a few days early. We’ve got a house rented at a secret location. If you want, post to our Facebook group when you get in town and tell everyone where you are, specific or general. You can use that group to arrange meetups if you like and post pictures of your adventures on the way to NC, while you’re here, and on your way back home. We like to see all the fun people are having.
We added a 3rd and final car to the train ride. When these run out, that’s all folks. At some point, we’ll turn off sales whether we have filled the last car or not and release the extra seats. We’ll have a list of everyone who bought the train tickets at the depot. We and the railroad will know who can board our cars.
We have mailed out the first 2 batches of VIP parking passes and will continue to mail new VIP registrants their passes in small batches up until registration closes.
As soon as registration closes, we’ll be drawing winners for free upgrade to VIP level and notifying them. There will be more than one, so good luck to all who have, or will, purchase the raffle item with their registration!
We think we have some fun lab caches lined up. And for the first time, we will have 2 separate “adventures”, each made up of 10 lab caches. One adventure will be released on Friday and be split between Asheville and Haywood County. The 2nd adventure will be released Saturday morning.



About registration – the packets will only contain papers and smaller items (coins, Pathtags, meal tickets, neck wallets, name tags and similar). Larger items (t-shirts, water bottles, slingpacks and some VIP items) will be added when you check in. The volunteer registration staff will have the merchandise handy to add at that time and will know what needs to be added. When you get to registration on Friday or Saturday, you’ll see the typical lines divided alphabetically BY THE LAST NAME ON YOUR ORDER. Not by geocaching name or screen name on the website. The lines will be adjustable, so for example, if we have too many people in the A-F line and not many in the G-L line, we can switch up the letters to say A-C and D-L. We may video this just to catch the people hopping from one line to another and put it to music! When you get to the front of the line, it would be helpful if you had your receipt either printed or available on your device, keeping in mind that cell reception could be stressed by the larger than usual number of people that may be banging against the same cell towers so be ready, so download it in advance to be certain you have access to it. If you are picking up an order for someone else who could not attend, you really should have their receipt as well for verification. Have them email you the receipt and either download it to your device or print and bring it.



We’ll have some cool seminars. If you’re interested in learning more about any of these topics, just show up a little early and grab a seat. The event schedule has all the times and locations. Thanks in advance to these people for generously giving their time to share the knowledge and experience they have with others.
• Uncovering Earthcache Secrets (markcase)
• Gadget Caches and Geocaching Impact in a City Park (BassLakeSeeker)
• NGS Benchmarks, GPS Receiver Usage (Wheels)
• Building WhereIGo Caches (IbePaul)
• GSAK Basics (gsmX2)
• Lackey and volunteer reviewers


Caught in the headlights

We’ve focused on the core committee so far, but there are many others working to make your GeoWoodstock experience as good as it can be and they need to be recognized as well. So here they are in no particular order. I have surely forgotten to include some people, but they will tell me and I have one more chance next month to get them in.

Stephanie (wncsteph) – one of our local area consultants has done a tremendous amount of work showing us around, advising us, contacting local businesses and more. She will also be a local co-host of the Friday morning event at the Folk Art Center and will be helping us with some of the lab caches.

David (DukeRoom) – Heading up the Kids Activities – David jumped on this one from day one and hasn’t let us down.

Tim (Ranger TJ) – Heading up the Adult Activities and our go to guy for ammo cans! – He also doubles as our human bull horn (just wait, you’ll see what we mean).

Jeff (rhettbutler2) – A CPA and our Financial Officer – it is tax season but he still finds time (we think) to cook our books.

Diana (Tatortott) – mega consultant (Diana attended almost every Mega in the US and Canada in 2016). I don’t know exactly how many, but more than many have attended in their entire caching careers.

Nicole (SanityEndsHere) – For years Nicole has helped at our NCGO events in the store and silent auction. She’s the lead for our on-site store this year. Her geocaching name is accurate.

Judi (mnloon) – Coordinating volunteers at the Friday Meet and Greet and at GW. Volunteers will check-in with her at the event. On that topic, if we have urgent needs at specific times, it is possible that she’ll ask you if you can switch to another task to cover the need. You don’t have to, but we’d appreciate it if you are asked that you’d consider it for the good of the event.

Graeme (OzGuff) – local event host and area consultant. He worked out all the details of our Sunday CITO and has had some great pointers and advice as he knows the area and has caches all over. You’ll all probably look for at least one of his hides while in the area. He’s from down under – believe only half of what he says. You figure out which half!

Lab Cache contributors (time, ideas and/or cache containers) – wncsteff, tatortott, basslakeseeker, JakeAsh, charchoc, dabaere, Maingray, MotrinMan, FailedApparatus


North Carolina tidbits

From “Our State” magazine online –
If you’re coming to GeoWoodstock on a motorcycle – The parking spaces near the front door of the Microtel in Robbinsville are narrow and short. Why? They’re for motorcycles. The twisty U.S. Highway 129, known as the Tail of the Dragon, is 18 miles away. The Microtel knows why you’re here.

I think there is a cache or two down this road – Interstates aren’t supposed to have intersections, but one of the few exceptions in the entire country is in Haywood County. Hurricane Creek Road runs directly into I-40 and winds through the mountains toward Max Patch Bald. It’s not for the faint of heart: The road is gravelly and runs right through creeks. It’s a favorite for 4×4 clubs, dirt-bikers, and people (like me) with an unhealthy obsession with the Interstate Highway System.

That’s all for this month – Next time we’ll talk about last minute things. Fair warning that it may sound like incoherent babbling as our sanity takes a nosedive.

56 more days

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