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December has arrived, the Thanksgiving leftovers are gone and so are the visitors – phew! This month will likely be slow for us as far as GeoWoodstock is concerned. Holidays keep us busy as they do most of you, and we are waiting on a few last minute items before opening the store for registration and other advance purchases.

Fires in the Southeast

You have probably all heard about the wildfires we have been having in this part of the country. Seems that the west coast fires wanted a change of scenery. Recent rains have finally helped to extinguish many fires and get most of the rest under control. Waynesville and the fairgrounds have not been impacted, nor have any of the venues we have on tap for other events. People have lost their lives, many people have lost their homes and there has been a lot of other property damage. You will probably see evidence of the fires as you travel in the eastern TN, western NC and portions of KY and SC between now and next year’s event.

Pre-event t-shirts

Our pre-event t-shirts have shipped and most people should have theirs by now. If you ordered and have not received yours yet, it should be coming very soon. All were shipped by Thanksgiving with a few exceptions that are to be hand delivered. If you don’t receive yours soon, let us know and we’ll look in to it. Remember to take a picture of yourself wearing it at a geocaching event and post it to the GW Facebook group with the hashtag #gw15Tshirt. We’ll be selecting a winner based on nebulous criteria to win a $50 gas card! We are planning another contest with the shirt during the Friday event. Plan to wear it in Asheville on Friday, May 26, 2017 at the event for a chance to win a to-be-determined prize there! A very small number of additional shirts is being ordered and should arrive in mid-December. If you want one, watch our Facebook group for a notice that they are in the store. Because we have only ordered a small additional quantity, they may go quickly.


Oh my, what an adventure this has been. We absolutely love the coin design and think you will too, but because I was slow to understand exactly how it was going to be made, I caused us to waste a couple weeks. It’s true that some stand in awe of my ability to screw things up, others just heckle and laugh. But now it is back on track and requests for quotes have gone out to coin vendors. If you are a coin vendor that did not receive one and are interested in providing a quote, let me know ASAP. Quotes are due in a few weeks.

Friday Event

The Friday event was just published! It seems timely now to give you an idea of what to expect for that event, because it’s going to be a little different than the traditional Friday Meet & Greet. We’re all about tradition, so all the aspects that you’ve come to expect about that event will be preserved, it’s just going to be longer than ever. As usual, you will be able to pick up your registration materials and anything you pre-purchased. You can also meetup with friends from far away to plan some caching or other activities.
The store will only be open on Saturday at the main event. For Friday, we will have some cool activities/games and some new caches for you.

The Friday event is in downtown Asheville at the U.S. Cellular Center. Here it is on Google Maps. We have the Exhibition Hall reserved for the day. It’s a fancy name for the basement! It is a fairly large space but only accessible from the side entrance on Hiawassee St. Don’t enter the building on Haywood where all the glass doors are. You’re looking for a loading dock and garage door on Hiawassee St around the corner. We would put up signs to help you, but the Center won’t allow us to do that. The event page coordinates will take you right to the proper entrance.
Here is a map of area parking garages (decks) and surface lots from the U.S. Cellular Center. That link also has real time counts of available spaces at the area garages and links to directions to each deck.
There are also on street pay parking spaces scattered all around. If you’re one of those lucky people that always seem to get a good spot, cruise around and take a chance. Otherwise, the garages or surface lots should work.

Asheville is one of our favorite places to visit in NC even though most of us live several hours drive away. With the main event in Waynesville, about a 30 minute drive to the west of Asheville, we wanted to give people an excuse to spend some time in Asheville. Our event will run from 1pm to 8pm. The event is scheduled to run longer than usual to give people a chance to explore some of Asheville. We hope you’ll use our event as a base of operations while you walk around town exploring. To give some of you a reason to explore, we will have a photo scavenger hunt that requires you to walk around town looking for certain things. While you’re doing that, you will pass loads of art galleries, cool shops with local merchandise, restaurants of all types, a few geocaches, some of the many brewpubs in town, street performers (buskers) and a lot of people both local and visitors to town. It’s a way for you to be on a mission while immersing yourselves in the local scene. Our contest will not be a race, so there is no reason to rush through it. Take your time and investigate some of the sights/shops. There will be short and long versions of the game to accommodate different people’s schedules and desires. All who finish the “course” will drop their completed forms into a box. Later, a drawing will be held to select prize winners. And if you absolutely can’t stick around, that’s ok, we’ll hold your prize for you to pick up at the Saturday event. But if you’re not there, it will go to someone else. If you decide not to play that game, we still encourage you to stroll around town and see some of the shops and find a place for lunch or dinner, or drinks, or all of those!
Our main attraction of the day will be when Randal and Christina host another edition of their It’s All Just Trivial geocaching trivia game from 5-7pm at the event. Hopefully, you were paying attention to the previous update where we introduced you to Randal, Christina and their Trivia events. These are fun and you get to team up with others so it’s also a great opportunity to meet some fellow geocachers and test your knowledge. These can be a lot more difficult than you might expect!

Caught in the headlights

Time to drag Medic208 out from behind the curtain. Doug was our Registration man for GWV and did a fantastic job of it. Naturally, he was the first person we thought of to abuse beg for an encore performance, which he foolishly accepted. He will be working to make your time in line as short as possible so you can spend more quality time getting together with old friends that you don’t see nearly often enough and making new friends that you’ll want to meet up with at future GWs. We don’t want to rent those misters that Disney uses when you stand in the hot sun waiting forever for a 30 second ride. Besides, if it came to that, we’re more fire hose kind of people! Lots more on registration next month.

Doug’s been a geocacher since late 2003. His time spent geocaching has dropped off a lot in the last several years, but whenever he does go out to find a few it’s obvious he hasn’t lost any of the knack for finding them. He remains very involved with NCGO and is on our Board of Directors. Doug also loves to travel the world and has been to so many countries I won’t even attempt to list them, but his passport must have an amazing collection of stamps. After GWXV, he’ll probably need (and deserve) a long vacation at some paradise to unwind after the pressure of running registration/check-in.
Doug is also very active with the Masons and works as a Compliance Specialist for the NC office of EMS. The event’s EMS representatives will be arranged by Doug. After all, he does have some experience in this area.

A small group of us once took a trip to Manhattan for a long weekend to run a geocaching activity for burn survivors attending that year’s World Burn Congress. Doug, had the smartest phone among us at the time and had downloaded a shiny new app that gave subway locations and schedules. He could tell us where/when to go no matter where we were or wanted to go. Somehow, we still ended up on the wrong line, or going in the wrong direction a few times. When that happened and Doug tried to figure out where to get off, Doug’s cell reception would be nil as we were underground zipping along in the wrong direction. “Doug, where do we have to get off so we can catch the correct train?”. To which Doug dully replied “Uhhhhh.”. We quickly deduced that whenever we heard an “uhhhhh” from Doug, it meant that he had no idea where we were and it was time to start looking at paper maps. We heard that a lot that weekend. But we had a lot of fun and it’s still one of the most rewarding and best group trips we have ever taken. We remain hopeful that no photos will be shared.

North Carolina colloquialisms, sayings, trivia and places to check out

Some definitions, because we want you to understand what people say

Tobacco Road – U.S Highway 15-501, a straight-shot that separates basketball (and everything else) rivals UNC and Duke by just ten miles. Hoops fans especially will be familiar with this one.
Leafers – People from out of state who come during “peak leaf season” to drive on the Blue Ridge Parkway. Lots of states live through this phenomenon.
Yonder – A magical land ingrained in all North Carolinians like a microchip. It’s kind of far, well kind of close, well it’s past the blue house, it’s just ‘YONDER’ neither here nor there nor anywhere.
Bless your heart – Sounds sweet but is actually often a verbal slap.
Fixin’ – You’re thinking about doing something, but you have to muster up the strength to actually do it. Also refers to making food. Has nothing to do with repairing anything.
Nabs – any snack cracker.

Places and things to do – just some links we’ve run across where you might find something you’d like to see/visit/eat.

https://www.ourstate.com/photo-essay-outside-asheville/ – some photos
http://vacationidea.com/destinations/best-things-to-do-in-asheville-nc.html – Things to do in Asheville
http://www.southernliving.com/travel/south-east/insiders-guide-asheville-nc”> – More things to do in Asheville
“http://www.ncarboretum.org/plan-a-visit/hiking-trails/ – NC Arboretum. Nice trails and geocaching friendly
https://www.exploreasheville.com/ – the local CVB, links to everything. A pretty good landing page branch off of while looking for special things to do while in the area.

That’s all for this month – have a great December and enjoy the coming holidays – see you in January when we’ll give you the details of registration a few days before it opens!

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