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I know you’ve all been waiting anxiously for this month’s update.  Not exactly on the 1st, but close enough.  All those fall season new TV shows have kept us busy.  Anything to avoid the contentious, nonstop news topic that will fade after November 8.  I briefly wondered whether anyone would notice if I didn’t post anything, but didn’t really want to take the blow to my ego if nobody did, so here it is.

We’re almost ready to turn on sales for the pre-event t-shirt.  We had a few delays including some of us being on vacation in September, but we’re back and moving forward again.  The pre-event t-shirt is in the style of a concert tour shirt.  Many of you probably have a similar shirt of your favorite 70’s or 80’s or 90’s band summer tour that you only get out on very special, sacred occasions.  It might even still have a faint odor of something legal in only a few states, so far.  It might still fit you.  Mine wouldn’t fit me.

The complete list of past GeoWoodstock events is listed on the back and a small design is over the left breast on the front.  Of course it’s on the front if it’s over the left breast.  Don’t put any unwanted images in my head.

We will have the first batch produced soon so that people who order don’t have to wait too long.  Depending on sales, we’ll order another batch and then that will be all.  We’ll turn off sales of this pre-event t-shirt before registration opens in January, or as sizes sell out.  Any leftover will be at the event for sale.  But if you want one in your size, it’s best to order when sales begin.  We’ll announce on our Facebook page when the shirts are available to purchase.

We are also close to finalizing the registration levels, what will be included with each and other swag available for sale.  Also, the invitation to vendors and sponsors has been finalized and will be going out very soon.  There are a lot of vendors and potential sponsors out there.  We might miss some but it’s not a snub, it’s just that we can’t keep up with all of you.  The website also has the levels available for viewing.  If you don’t receive one in the next couple weeks and are interested, let us know and we’ll get one to you.

Coin design is going well.  We met with a designer and made a lot of progress so we’re hoping it will be completed soon and we can get prices from coin makers.  We will have the primary event coin as well as a Limited Edition coin that will be included in VIP registrations and available for sale to others.  As in 2007, we will also have a unique coin for the most dedicated of volunteers who help more than just a little before, during and/or after the event.

Each month I’ll introduce you to members of our Core committee so you know who they are and can give them their just rewards when you see them next May wandering around with a dazed look and bloodshot eyes.  That look will probably be from the beer we had the night before, but it could also be attributed to all the work each of them have done.  I’ll highlight one or two each month and we’ll go alphabetically by geoname to avoid confusing me.


Caught in the headlights

This month, FailedApparatus is first up.  He didn’t know this was coming so he will be the only one totally surprised by the newfound acclaim.  As the others read this, they’ll be scrambling to figure out where they fall alphabetically and decide how they will bribe me to ensure I don’t reveal any secrets they’d prefer not to get out there.  Bit of background.  We do a LOT of things together and often stay together in rental houses or hotels when we travel to away events and weekend trips just for fun.  So we all know more about each other than we probably wish we did.  Come to think of it, I’ll be very nice in these write-ups because they know a lot about me too!

So, back to FailedApparatus, or Randal to those who know him.  Randal has become a celebrity in his own right.  He and hoosiersunshine (Christina) were named as geocachers of the month in April 2015.  Randal and Christina have been running Geocaching Trivia and other fun game show style events since early 2014.  They’ve hosted their events in several states from Oregon to Florida and Arizona to New Jersey and many in between.  All have received very good reviews.  I’ve been to many and somehow they manage to make each unique and come up with some cool trivia.  The questions can be harder than you might think!

On our committee, everyone pitches in where needed, but we do have areas that we’re responsible for heading up.  Randal is working on a first ever item for GeoWoodstock.  I can’t say what it is, but we’re really excited about it.   It will be something new that we hope is continued and expanded as a new GW tradition, much like the M*A*S*H sign we started in 2007.  Speaking of M*A*S*H, he is a bit like Radar, or maybe like Q on James Bond, in that he can come up with all kinds of odds and ends that we need.  I’ve asked for an Aston Martin.  Think I’ll get it?

He’s also in charge of coordinating the other events during the week leading up to GW.  We’ve got some neat locations in mind for events and for a special outing one day.  We can talk about that, but not yet.  I think I said last month that we reserve the right to tease you.

Randal has found a cache in all 50 states.  He finished up this feat by taking an Alaskan cruise, then flying to Hawaii and renting a jeep for a day to get around and cache.  He must be persuasive too.  He found Mingo, the oldest active cache, by convincing a Greyhound bus driver to exit the highway with a busload of passengers so he could find it.  He likes old cars and recently bought a ’66 Chevy which I’m told is named Izzy.  Don’t ask me.  Ok, that’s all on Randal.


North Carolina trivia tidbits

I’ll try to touch on some North Carolina items that you may or may not be interested in each month. If you’re not interested, pretend.  North Carolina is usually subdivided into 3 broad geographical areas.  The Mountains, the Piedmont and the Coastal Plains.  Of course, GWXV will be in the Mountain region and GWV was in the Piedmont.  Maybe in another 10 years we’ll have it at the beach!  I can’t believe that hasn’t happened somewhere yet.

Several of the core committee members live in what is called the Triangle.  Research Triangle Park (RTP) is the center of the region and includes Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill and many other suburbs in the area.  Greensboro, Winston-Salem and High Point are referred to as the Triad.  I guess we do things in threes, but I swear, we are not invaders from Mars, as far as you know.

That’s all for this month – have a great October and Happy Halloween!

236 more days

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  1. Diana Freeman

    Enjoyed the information and conversational tone. Thank you for the update and teasers. I love the shirt design. Cannot wait for more . .

  2. Thomas Deans

    Just recently saw on tv that BC was also the 1st state to have a gold rush which formed Charlotte as the banking hub of NC

  3. Juanita (Godiva2)

    Thank you for the informative update. I look forward to your news each month. 🙋 💥 🌟

  4. Scott Bennett : wolfspirit55

    WOW .. All that info has me excited about GW XV. Pre-event T-shirts all great, I only ever had one Concert T-shirt from Boston’s first tour in 1976, it was so faded. Thanks in advance for all the up-dates for May 2017.

  5. nitehaze14

    Ordered my T-shirt. Only one small left so get in there and get yours. Can’t wait for this event. I am so excited. It will be awesome!

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