Ramblings from the Core – Sept 2016

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Greetings from North Carolina!  We hope y’all (southern speak for all of you) have a great weekend!  For those of you not here in the US, we observe our Labor Day holiday on Monday, 5 Sept, so it’s a long weekend for us.  I’m going to smoke a brisket.  That’s not code for anything less than legal.  And no, you can’t have my address.  There will be leftovers, but we can handle it.


We will be posting a sometimes brief, sometimes seemingly endless rambling, status update near the beginning of every month between now and May 2017.  Notice how I didn’t specify an exact date/day there?  We made the 1st this time and we’ll do our best to stick to that, honest, but close counts here too.  We know some of you out there need reading material as a break from work, and who are we to argue with that.  We do too, when do you think we type this stuff in?  Besides, we like to keep the interest up and share what we can.  Your comments can make a difference.


Well, it’s been about 2 months since the announcement in Denver and once we got over the July hangover we had a very busy August.  A couple of the major milestones we reached during the month include selection of both the t-shirt vendor and the caterer for the event!


We are currently working on a pre-event t-shirt that will be available for advance purchase and shipped to you.   Later this month (September), we will add the shirt to our Shop for stylish people to order.  The advance shirts will be mailed to US addresses and delivery will begin as soon as we receive the shirts.  These shirts are NOT for pickup at GW.  We will order a predetermined number of the shirts based on our refined estimating skills very soon rather than waiting for orders to dictate order quantities.  This will reduce the time it takes for us to begin fulfilling orders.  Sales for the advance shirts will only be open for a limited time, and then online sales will close with any remaining shirts made available for purchase at GW XV in May.  We will post when the shirts are in so everyone who has ordered will know that shirts will be on the way soon.  We contemplated drone delivery but figured that would just get us into expensive trouble that we don’t need right now.

Right about now is where you say, “Yada, yada, yada, but what will these advance shirts look like?”

The shirt will be a GeoWoodstock Tour t-shirt in the color Heather Sapphire.  For the guys out there, that’s a medium blue.  I had to look it up too.  The back has a concert tour style listing of all the previous GeoWoodstock events with the city and year.

Design images for the shirt will be on the shop pages when sales opens so you’ll see what you’re ordering and you’ll also see what medium blue, I mean heather sapphire, looks like.

When we open up registration and swag purchases, tentatively scheduled for January 2017, these shirts will NOT be available.  Any unsold pre-event t-shirts will be available for purchase at the event, but the only way to guarantee that you can get one of these shirts in your size is to order when they are added to the Shop.

The designs on front and back will be different than the official event shirt.


We held events in Asheville and Waynesville in August to meet and greet with local geocachers to share our plans, get their ideas and to enlist their support.  They were very enthusiastic and already have had some great ideas for us.  With their help in the planning and setup over the coming months, we’re sure that you will have a great experience next year!


Two committee members also made a trip to sample and talk to local caterers on our short list about the meal.  It was a tough job but someone had to be overfed for two straight days by wannabe caterers.  In 2007 at our first GeoWoodstock in Raleigh, we cooked the food on site and drove everyone crazy during the Friday night event, and again all morning Saturday with the wonderful aromas.  I believe that was the last GW that cooked food on site without a caterer.  The event has gotten too large now, so a catering we did go.  But we plan to serve up a great meal!  We have a professional caterer on our core committee, so we do have a little experience in this area 😉 .


We had considered using food trucks, but Waynesville is a 30+ minute drive from Asheville where most of the food trucks are based in the area.  There are many annual events in Asheville that food trucks appear at every year on Memorial Day weekend, so we didn’t feel that we would get a good commitment from enough trucks.  Besides, they are known to be an independent lot that don’t like to be tied down to commitments when a good thing pops up at the last minute. So we decided not to take that risk on your meal.  More on the meal in a future update.


We also went to Waynesville the last weekend in August for the annual county fair at the fairgrounds to see how it looks with a crowd.  We’re even more confident now that we’ll be able to do this, if we don’t sleep in.
Other random thoughts in case you were wondering…
We have some cool ideas for caches, lab and other, as well as fun event activities.  Coin design is underway too.  More on those in future updates…maybe.  We reserve the right to tease you.


For our Facebook presence, we decided to create a group instead of a page.  We did this because we want to hear from you, encourage discussion and give you an easy way to ask questions.  A FB page doesn’t allow that nearly as easily as a group does.  We approve anyone who wants to join the group, so it is possible that we’ll get some spam posts and we’ll take those down as soon as we notice.  If you spot a questionable post, help us out by pushing that little report post option and we’ll take care of it.  In the meantime, feel free to ask questions or share your plans for next year.  We’ll do our best to answer if we can, and since we don’t get to travel next year, we’ll live vicariously through the fun plans you share!


If you’re going to the Mega event Going Caching in Georgia on October 15, we will have a table there.  Stop by and say hi!


We’re really building up some momentum now.  Hope we don’t achieve escape velocity or you are all on your own.


That’s all for now.  Much longer ramble than I expected, but it is the first and really covered more than a month of activity.  Future updates content will depend on what all has happened in the prior month and how bored I am at work.  Until then, have fun and if there is anything you’d like us to cover in a future update, let us know.


267 more days


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  1. Juanita (Godiva2)

    Thanks for your update. Looking forward to WS XV! 🙋.
    Your info is informative and well said. Thanks..💃

    • Lisa Harner

      Question regarding camping:
      Will there be tent camping, on site or nearby, with water and electricity?

  2. Gary Lindner

    Sounds great !!

  3. Bill bogle

    Snoring Eagles
    Thanks for the update and information,we have already booked our hotel rooms along with SpyHikers.

  4. jwessels857

    Thank you for the information.
    Like I tell the kids: KDWYAD (Keep Doing What You Are Doing).

  5. Rick (tax-man)

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the event!

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