Wooden Nickels

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At GeoWoodstock 14er in Denver, we handed out a lot of wooden nickels. Hang on to those and bring them with you to GeoWoodstock 15 for a chance to win a prize. When you check in at registration, we’ll look at the serial number on your wooden nickel, and you may be one of the lucky ones to get a prize!
Now we know that you might want to keep the nickel as a souvenir, so we’ll place a mark on one side to indicate that it has been checked/redeemed already. So don’t mark yours up or we might think it has already been redeemed. We’re not going to keep electronic records on this, so it’s the easiest thing we can do.

Prizes will mostly be small trinkets, but a few will be a little more notable or special. We can give more details as they become available.

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  1. Deermark

    Great idea. Now what did I do with mine?


  2. lakedawgs

    Deermark, you gave it to me! I’ll hold it safe, I swear. 😉

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