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25 Apr Download Hyper Estraier for free. Hyper Estraier is a full-text search system. It works as with Google, but based on peer-to-peer architecture. 15 Jul Hyper Estraier is a very powerful full text search engine written in C, after i make some comparison between different kind of full text search. Hyper Estraier. a full-text search system for communities. Powered by Hyper Estraier , with documents and words.

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By default, the order of the result is descending by score.

Then install the Windows binary of Hyper Estraier. It is useful if too similar documents occupy the page. Note that QDBM 1.

That is, you should make the index containing target documents before you search some of them. If some documents in your site are deleted, please reflect them to the index. Search of Hyper Estraier is first finding files matched to “keyword” then filtering the files with “filter rule”s.

By default, usage of the CGI script is described there. This section describes specification of estproxy.

Hyper Estraier: a full-text search system for communities

There are the following system attributes. It is useful to search with some attributes. When a user select the ” help ” link near the input form, the content of the help file is displayed instead of the search result. The name hyer the configuration file is determined by changing the suffix of the CGI script to “. The data type is not determined when registration. There are two data types for attributes; string and number.

To improve the performance of similarity search, running ” estcmd extkeys ” beforehand is strongly recommended.


Other arguments are parsed according to each sub command. At least, the following environment are supported. Also, it is useful as search utilities of mail boxes and file servers. How to use is described on the page. For example, if you specify ” size NUMA”, documents in the result are in ascending order of the size.

Extension:Hyper Estraier – MediaWiki

Search words are case insensitive. Alphabetical characters are case-insensitive. It would be much faster than typing “kM”.

Moreover, regular expression is also supported. If you run a web site, it is useful as your own search engine for pages in your site. The argument db specifies the path of an index.

By the way, estcmd detect the encoding automatically if it is not clearly specified. That is, API application programming interface is provided for programmers. Let’s start with learning of the command and then step to the API. For example, if nyper specify ” internet AND security “, documents including both of ” internet ” and ” security ” are searched for.

You should type “kM” periodically to update the index for the current messages.

Lines leaded by ” ” are ignored hypsr comments. The delimiter for headers is not “: As well, it is suggested to build QDBM with enabling zlib. Not only hypper of the body text but also such attributes as the title, the modification date, and so on can be added to documents handled by Hyper Estraier.

The following operators for attribute search are supported. An expression of attribute search is composed of an attribute name, an operator, and a value. Let’s perform the following command. The name of the prime configuration file is determined by changing the suffix of the CGI script to “.

Hyper Estraier: a full-text search system for communities

For example, if you search for documents esyraier a word ” computer “, specify ” computer ” in the search phrase as it is. The following is an example data to handle a MIDI document.

Hyper Estraier is a full-text search system. A database called inverted index is used in order to search for documents quickly.