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The Gyokko Ryu, meaning “School of the Jeweled Tiger”, is one of the oldest Japanese martial arts and one of the few that claims its origins. Gyokko-ryū (玉虎流) is a school of Japanese martial arts that specialises in kosshijutsu (骨指術), shitōjutsu (指頭術) and ninpō (忍法). Gyokko-ryū was founded. Gyokko Ryū Kosshijutsu (玉虎流骨指術), is another of the 9 Schools of the Bujinkan. It is one of the nine ryū (schools) taught to the current.

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Gyokko Ryu History of Gyokko Ryu. The Gyokko Ryu has one fundamental rule: This website uses cookies to provide the necessary site functionality and to improve your experience. Heaven is change, which is natural. Typical for the Gyokko Ryu are the powerful blocks and balance taking.

Gyokko Ryu Koshijutsu

As a strong enemy comes, keep an indomitable spirit. In reality, according to Chinese Martial Art history, there are 3 likely gyokkp Technically there is Sandan Kamae 3 step stancesthe Kosshi-Ken how to punch or hit Kamae and how to use style have a total of 9 ways.

Yet the power and strength come exclusively from the refined way of aligning and structuring the body, as opposed to muscular contraction. Each is written as a separate scroll. Personally I think this is too much of a generic explanation. The main feature of the school is the footwork.

In older times it was known as Shitojutsu fingertip techniqueslater as Kosshijutsu fingerjoint techniques. History and our gykko tells us that the oldest martial art schools from India, Tibet, and China where called tiger striking kosshijutsu schools and Gyokko Ryu is the jeweled tiger school.


Being drunk affects your judgement. As basics in Taijutsu there are Ichimonji, Hicho and Jumonji. He was also known as Tozawa Kaneuji and retainer for Minamoto Tameto. The Gyokko Ryu states that when a fight is about to start, do not let the opponent win, but take him down with a technique that is only as strong as is needed to match the situation. Gyokko Ryu Kosshijutsu is from the famous Taijutsu tradition. This is similar to the stamping that is found within Baji Quan and the Jia Zi Quan influence gyyokko military art that specialised in Spear; no coincidence that this is also the description for Baji Quan or Ba Zi Quan as it was formerly called!

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However, in case of danger, he should keep his spirit free and remain silent. A Gyokko Ryu practitioner waits for the opponent to attackin order to leave them with no chance. Which correlates with the Kosshijutsu striking techniques of this school. Serve and protect the master, as you must your parents. The Dragon shakes hands with the Tiger. The source of this comes from Hakuun Ryu Ninpo. These are high principles indeed, and more common to a Taoist or Zen Buddhist philosophy, as opposed to a Muslim one.

The Sanshin no kata is one of the hiden secret transmissions.

The Gyokko Ryu is known not only for its extremely effective kosshijutsu, but also for the effective use with the katana, tanto and bo staff.

Some say that the original techniques from the school were created by a princess in the Chinese Imperial Court who used quick body movements to attack specific targets on the body. High philosophic strategy was in the presence of an enemy to be in harmony with him, never challenging but welcome with a smile, never showing a fierce grimace. If this is true then it is unlikely that he was Shaolin, since the monks did not often populate the Imperial guard, and they were not known for these types of controlling techniques.

It is one of the oldest documented forms of martial arts in Japan and forms the backbone for rgu Japanese styles. Jia Zi Quan is of particular interest, because the description of the movements, are not only very similar to Baji Quan, but also have similarities to the Gyokko Ryu. Authentic Ninjutsu Zenformation for gykkko Modern Shinobi. ShaolinMuslim Chinese arts such as Jia Zi Quan a very old martial art from west China, that later may have become part of Baji quan and Piqua Zhang or Taoist arts such as Taoist wrestling which would later become Shuaijiao and the origins of tai chi.

The most important elements are command of the forms of the five Sanshin 3 hearts and the eight basic techniques — the Kihon Happo. The character NIN means to guard the nation gyokoo even your life. When we say controlling, this can include stamping on the the opponent when they are down, something that Kacem has pointed out as specific to the Gyokko Ryu.

9 Schools of Bujinkan: Gyokko Ryū Kosshijutsu | Ninjutsu

Another change was the use of a weight instead of the iron ring. Merci Namir, thank you for following our site.

Your email address will not be published. Its original name is Gyokko Ryu Ninpo.

April 10, at 8: The preferred position for defence is Migi no kamae right leg in front in order to protect the heart better against attacks. Jose Sepulveda Moreno says: However, although one must destroy the force of the enemy, you should also endeavour to spare his life. This can be used effectively for catching and guiding a weapon or limb where you want it without having to grab it, plus it keeps the thumbs ready for pressure striking the body at unusual angles.

It was named Kyoketsushoge. Great info on the Gyokko Ryu …. In danger, say and show nothing. Later different sizes of Kama were used so now we say Kusarigama to the weapon as it is seen fyokko later.