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The Garuda Purana, by Ernest Wood and S.V. Subrahmanyam, [], full text etext at PUNISHMENTS ACCCORDING TO GARUDA ment given in Naraka Thamisra Andhathamisra Rourava Maharourava Kumbipaka Kalasuthira . Garud Purana is the text based on the conversation of Lord Vishnu (Shree Hari) and his vahan Garud. Garud ask lord about the punishment for bad deed.

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There is nothing but the flesh of dogs for food. Here oil is kept boiled in huge vessels and sinners are plunged in this vessels.

It is the most terrible place of punishment. How to perform Janmashtami Puja. If alive, he may reap the result of his good faruda. Those who, through malignity, commit transgression at the time of conception, with women who have no other refuge,these certainly go to hell. Their cries and complaints would be no avail here.

28 Deadly punishments mentioned in Garuda Puran- Daily Bhaskar

There is a lot more ritual before that. Committing suicide is not recommended in Garuda Purana. The sinner lies in it, feeding upon semen alone until his period of punishment. But he may englixh get human body again. I read a story gqruda which the person steals some food and give to a poor family with which he has no relation then since his intention was good, INDRA himself came to take him to Swarg. Check out the following link: You may read Bhagavatam here and add original verse.

Garuda Purana pg 53 II. This Naraka is intended for men and women who have committed adultery.

28 Deadly Punishments Mentioned in Garuda Puran Which Are Likely to be Held after Death

Sleep comfortably in this cool shade! This is hell for those who oppress the good people and not helping them if requested despite having the ennglish. You can read about it here: Than what’s the point of suicide? Assuming these pains are so severe that no one in that person’s place could bear it, and without support and encouragement. Numerology predictions for No sraddha or water oblations are made to a person that has committed suicide.

The medium sized Garuda Purana which is categorized as Purana which represents goodness and purity by the Padma Purana comprising nineteen thousand shlokas and 28 punishments for the sinners who commit various inhuman acts during their lifetime.

They will be eaten alive by this beasts. When, afflicted with thirst, he begs for water to drink, then the messengers give him boiling oil to drink. Here, their bodies will be constantly be pricked and pierced by needles. Here the servants of Yama, gather around the sinners and cut them limb to limb while subjecting them to constant insult. Those who throw their bodily refuse into fire, into water, in a garden, in a road, or in a cowpen,–these certainly go to hell.

If his merits are exhausted he’s sent to Bhuloka again to regain them and the cycle resumes. Here is the list of 28 Garuda Eglish Punishments described in the book. Arya 3, 17 This Naraka is for the torture of those rich people who look down at the poor and spend excessively just to display their wealth and splendour.


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Jupiter moves to Scorpio till Novemberknow its effects on your life! Garuda Purana pg 35 II. Those who meet with foul death such as committing suicide by hanging from a treeby poison or weapon However, there are many deadly punishments for humans mentioned in this book. Without human body it is not possible to obtain the supreme goal. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to enjoy a better experience.

Share with us leaving your valuable inputs and comments below. He is afflicted by englixh dreams. This is the Naraka for lustful men. Subrahmanyam, [], at sacred-texts.

28 Punishments for OUR SINS — GARUDA PURANA

The sinners have to endure the constant attacks of this creatures until the expiry of the period of their punishment. I will tell you what sinners fall into it. After throwing them in this hell, sinners are tortured with fire, poison and various weapons. Sometimes, when he has exhausted the merit of his actions he descends to the earth by the residue of his merits. Those who betray their friends; those who cut short friendship; and those who destroy hopes;–these certainly go to hell.

This Naraka is for those who keep dogs gaeuda other mean animals and constantly hunt and kill animals for food.

This hell is for those who persecute animals which live in forrests, mountain peaks and trees. Shiva Sahasranama for all problems in life. The very sinful man who sets fire to a house, a village or a wood, is captured by the messengers of Yama and baked in englsh of fire.

By order of Yama they return to the earth and become unmoving and other creatures:. The righteous go into the city of the King of Justice by three gateways, pugana the sinful go into it only by the road of the southern gate. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.