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I have designed my pattern by looking at many, many pictures online, to get a good idea of what a gambeson should look like. I have looked at other people’s. Posted: Sat 13 Feb, am Post subject: Choice of Gambeson patterns Reply with quote. Hi, I’m preparing to do a suit of mid-late 15th Century armor. Period Pattern ™ No Medieval Military Garments. Includes 3 gambesons, two with optional pockets for plates inside the skirt; 4 surcoats (including a cyclas );.

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I left about 5mm of hanging edge, for stitching the pieces together later on. I had actually been considering the padded shoulder version hambeson in the Reconstructing History link; a photo of that style with a brigandine is here: The extensive articles, many annotated drawings, and sewing-for-dummies tips like how to make bias are all exactly what I need. Surcoats from the French “sur le cote”, i.

If you are using a moving blanket or some other prepared quilt. Sun 14 Feb, 7: I remove the laces from the fambeson, but the leather holds up fine from regular washings. I did it by sewing the edges of the pieces together, like so:.

I also made one for myself to see how it worked. For an overview of the historical evidence for armour in our period, see our Armour Overview page.

Visit out photo Album for more photos You will find the pattern views on the cover in the album section. Arms, legs, and helmet will be stainless; arms and legs will be 16g.


In my view, under mail, which is what is appropriate for our period, stuffed gambesons are preferable to layered. With the return of crusaders from the Holy Land surcoats became wildly popular. It is in some ways similar to modern day Kevlar armour. Jacks are common among ordinary soldiers from the crusades on, and were apparently very effective.

Find your place in the universe and your path. Close up of the arming points stitched on at shoulders, without ties, note the color coordinating for the parti color. Immediately after cutting into it run a single stitch around the entire perimeter.

However, cotton wool was probably not in use in the dark ages, as it would have been imported from the east.

I find that Woolite for dark colors does as little fading as possible. The edges are topstitched around the perimeter of the garment to ensure durability.

Same lacing were put on the front piece of my gambeson as well, to lace it together. Watch headings for an “edit” link when available. Now, after making and finising the separate pieces, I had three pieces of gambeson which needed sewing together.

There are examples of late padded jacks of only two layers of linen, stuffed with cotton wool, but quite heavily stuffed, probably worn under some armour.

Get some heavy needles for mom’s sewing machine, tell the folks at the cloth store that you will be sewing a heavy blanket. You can use straps instead, but lacings are much cheaper and so I went with this option instead. Once I was sure, the gambeson fitted ok, I was ready to sew the padding together. I understand and know how to make a period doublet; but I have not seen anything which has the technical capacity of the poirpoint gambeson in terms of mobility of arms, stability of leg mounts, etc.

Additional info about sewing: The weight of padding should be suited to the application. Now, that I have out the three pieces together, they looked like this: I also sew a pair on the shoulders to attach the spaulders, or shoulder armor. The stitch you can see runs about 3cm away from the edge, this is deliberate, as it makes it easier to put them together later and provides better resilience to the finished piece.

Choice of Gambeson patterns —

Patrern 3 gambesons, two with optional pockets for plates inside the skirt; 4 surcoats including a cyclas ; 3 hose; 1 codpiece, 1 cuisse thigh protectiona renal belt with pockets for plates to gambezon the kidneys, and a swordbelt, in sizes S-XL. Also note that I have designed an integrated kidney protection Aluminium split covered in Cotton duck.

But even those who could afford armor had to wear something underneath metal armor, for comfort; this was usually padded.

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