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Science of Being (in 27 lessons) takes away the veil of mystery from everything it touches and presents to the world a simple, clear, and at the same time. 4 May Science Of Being 27 Lessons by Eugene Fersen. Identifier ScienceOfBeing27LessonsEugeneFersen. Identifier-ark ark:// t8zn 4 May Science of Being in 7 lessons by Baron Eugene FersenThis is a coloured reproduction of the original book, of which only copies were.

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George Mannella rated it it was ok Apr 21, What are the two natural Laws most intimately related with Success or Failure? In this lesson you will find a review of the most fo lessons on Universal Life Energy and significance to you and the Soul Ray. By sciebce you will eugene fersen science of being learned all you need to know to truly live in Eugene fersen science of being, Health and Abundance as well as fulfilling your own true destiny as we experience the transition of the ages from the Fifth to the Sixth cycle of the Human Race and how you can best participate in this process.

Science of Being by Eugene Fersen

In what way has Nature equipped the body for contacting Universal Life Energy? The principles outlined are as relevant today as eugene fersen science of being were when Science of Being was first published.

Feren to all who read this review and the Science of Being. Open Preview See a Problem? Eugene Fersen offers an in-depth, if esoteric, explanation of the laws of the universe and the fundamentals of human existence.

Juneta Key rated it it was amazing Jun 06, This lesson takes a look at some of the success of the greatest members of humanity, and how they applied these powerful Universal forces and Principles to achieve their own success.

Takia rated it it was amazing Mar 05, For sheer courage and tenacity of purpose in the face of overwhelming obstacles he has no equal, and with all the love toward his fellows is mingled a penetrating shrewdness of judgement which forms a perfect balance.

If you have always wished for success but not yet achieved it, this lesson will show you eugene fersen science of being way. How does Universal Life Energy operate to attract customers, decrease wastage and facilitate business?

What is the explanation eugene fersen science of being sudden instinctive likes and dislikes for other individuals? When will the ideal of real Brotherhood beihg men and nations be possible of achievement?

In what way are you directly responsible for the good or bad traits your children develop? What is the essential first step in seeking out the right environment for your Individuality?

Why is it unwise to rely wholly on others to cure negative conditions in yourself? Eugene knew and had faith that as humans enlightened fersenn bodies and minds and raised their Spiritual Vibrations as they lived in the physical world, more eigene be revealed to them. How does the original undifferentiated current of Universal Life Energy become differentiated eugene fersen science of being the individual?

What Centre within the body exercises the greatest power of attraction for Universal Life Energy?

To what single vital Fundamental do all the varied activities of human life finally reduce? The Power of Love, especially Unconditional Love is an extremely important aspect of Universal Life Energy, and one that is fundamental to the very existence of All Creation, and without which nothing could eugene fersen science of being for a single moment.

If you experience any ailments that you would like to heal, or simply desire perfect health always – this lesson will show you the way. These teachings today are regarded as some of the most inspiring literary works in the study and education of Quantum Science, Spiritual Science, Human Enlightenment and the study of the Soul.

As with previous lessons, this is another crucially important lesson to learn and understand eugene fersen science of being the relationship between the Soul and its corresponding physical body. This lesson deals with the subjects of poverty and lack, their causes and how to deal with them effectively using fundamental Universal Principles.

Sharron Stroud, Jon Peniel and the list goes on. What practical results will teachers obtain for themselves by using Universal Life Energy in their work?

Science Of Being ( Gold ) Eugene Fersen

If you are seeking perfect health and a perfect body, this lesson will begin to show you how, fr beyond other Law of Attraction books. In what other very important respect can Universal Life Energy be of benefit to the farmer?

An abundance of true knowledge and practical life application contains in each and successive lessons help guide individual being to achieve such mission eugene fersen science of being objective. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Science of Being by Eugene Fersen. He was teaching what the U. To what basic cause must be attributed the achievements of great men and women of all time? By Cara Yowell “carayowell.

We, the Acting Head Lightbearers, would like to wish Mr.

Books by Eugene Fersen. Why is it that most teachers are not producing the desired results with their students?