Nov 16 2018

The amplidyne generator is a power amplifier on a large scale. Its power output depends on the strength of its control-field current but is several thousand times. Amplidyne is the most common version of the Metadyne. amplification (eadid/ef if) is of the order of as compared to for a direct current generator. Synopsis: The fundamental steady-state theory of the amplidyne generator is pre- sented in this paper together with methods for calculating the characteristics of.

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The schematic diagram in figure shows a separately excited dc generator.

Amplidyne | Revolvy

The amplidyne is a DC generator with an internal positive feed-back. If my memory is right, ‘Amplidyne’ is a contraction of ‘Amplifying Dynamo’ which probably gives you some clue as to how it works.

The gain of the original generator has been greatly increased. Amplifier The function of the amplifier is to supply two control-field currents for the amplidyne generator.

General An amplidyne follow-up system in its simplest form consists of the four units shown in figure 10D1: The amplidyne’s frequency response is limited to low frequencies, it cannot even handle audio frequencies, so its use is limited to amplifying low frequency control signals in industrial processes.

As previously stated, an amplidyne is used to provide large dc currents. If the brushes are connected together through an external circuit, current will flow in the circuit and through the armature coils.

ScottyUK Quote; If my memory is right, ‘Amplidyne’ is a contraction of ‘Amplifying Dynamo’ which probably gives amplidyme some clue as to how it works. Amplidyne follow-up system E.

ScottyUK, I am going to go over the posts on your link,I thank you for the link to it. A low-power, relatively weak voltage representing the amount of antenna rotation required can be used to control the field amplidhne of an amplidyne.

Contraction of Amplifying Dynamo”: Coilgun Railgun Superconducting machine. The difference between the two control currents determines the amount of power supplied to the motor. A voltmeter connected to points on the commutator, as shown generahor the second view, will indicate approximately full-load voltage. The small input is amplified because a fraction of the dynamo output is fed back into a compounding field winding which aids the input winding.

The amplifier has two stages. Chapter 10 of the U. Students Click Here Join Us!

Shipboard amplivyne of automatic control equipment. It apmlidyne now mostly obsolete. You can see that the power gain of this ampkidyne is Sorry to be a bit out of touch with some terminology. Promoting, selling, recruiting, coursework and thesis posting is forbidden. When the mount is to move in the opposite direction, the unbalance in the control currents must be reversed.

The reason for this is that current flowing in the armature coils between these brushes has created a second armature reaction FA which opposes the exciting field FC and reduces its effect. In earlier times, Amplidynes were used for electric elevators and moving sidewalks, but as technology progressed, they found use in diesel-electric locomotive control systems, too.

It has been a few decades since I worked with amplidynes but a rough example from memeory may help explain.

Reasonably sized vacuum tubes were not able to deliver sufficient power to benerator large sized motors, but vacuum tube circuits that drove the input of amplidynes could be utilized to enhance small signals higher up to the power required to drive large motors. This current produces the same armature reaction FS as before. The voltage at the output will be the same as in generatof original generator, volts in our example. At null, the gun mount is in gun-order position.

What is an Amplidyne? – Circuit Globe

This removes nearly all of the resistance in the armature circuit. Navy Manual, Chapter Larger models were belt driven. The degree of compensation C is defined as the ratio of effective compensating winding turns to the effective armature turns. It is meant to strengthen the idea that with the amplidyne, something large and generatog can be controlled very precisely by something very small, almost insignificant.

In short, watts control 10, geneeator of output, and this is how an amplidyne works in simple terms. The angular difference between the two positions is called the error, and the signal to the amplifier is the error signal.

The main units in this system at the mount are 1 gun train indicator-regulator, 2 hp train motor, 3 brake unit, 4 train-selector switch, 5 master switch, and 6 shifting clutch; those located wmplidyne the amplidyne control room below deck are 7 train amplidyne motor-generator and 8 amplifier unit.

The perpendicular brushes are now called the ‘quadrature’ brushes. The indicator-regulator contains the synchro control transformer and the indicator dials. The GE amplidyne, renamed the metadyne and various other names in other countries, is still in limited use today. Reasons such as off-topic, duplicates, flames, illegal, vulgar, or students posting their homework. It is used amplidynne select any of these four means generatog power operation of the mount.

So the output voltage of the generator is an amplified copy of the current waveform applied to the field winding.