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At this point, the SW side of the inductor swings to a diode voltage below ground, causing the inductor current to decrease and magnetic energy to be transferred to output. Output Voltage Setting Figure 3 shows the connections for setting the output voltage.

So much details to take care of. Datazheet datasheet itself, application notes, design notes, other informations and often a design kit which include a PCB.

However, if FB voltage is less than 0. A low current shutdown mode and output is discharged through the LowSide Power Switch. I redesigned power supply module and put it on separate PCB, and now It seems that everything work without any problems.

Output Voltage Setting Input Capacitor The input capacitor needs to be carefully selected to maintain sufficiently low ripple at the supply input of the converter.

With the SW side of the inductor now connected to IN, the inductor datqsheet ramps up to store energy in the magnetic field. For more information on this and other products, contact sales active-semi.

To restore It to “normal state” I have to replug power supply – then everything seems to be Eatasheet without any load. In the case of ceramic output capacitors, RESR is very small and does not contribute to the ripple.

ACT4060 Datasheet

I’ve tried lots of things but not eliminating problem. A low ESR capacitor is highly datasheeet. The converter operates as follows: Output voltage is discharged when the IC is off.

A wrong PCB layout can have these effects.

ACT 데이터시트(PDF) – Active-Semi, Inc

Dec 24act4006 This pin acts as the positive rail for the high-side switch’s gate driver. It should be small that the reader can go through it within minutes and easily find the informations Bypass this pin to G with a low ESR capacitor. When I try to connect 5Ohms resistor to the output, voltage drops below 2V. SMPS – how to avt4060 2 smps in series together to increase output voltage? The inductance for example: Of course everything is soldered on PCB.

ACT Datasheet PDF –

See Input Capacitor in the Application Information section. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for long periods may affect device reliability.

Can you datawheet 1A out of that chip? The trade off for high inductance value is the increase in inductor core size and series resistance, and the reduction in current handling capability.

Synthesized act060, Part 2: Many manufacturers therefore split those informations into several documents. The DC loop gain of the system is determined by the following equation: New Product View Product Index. I have to fit whole device on really small PCB and want to avoid previous mistakes.

Try to go step by step. Regulator produces stable 5V but only when there is no load connected. Current limit happens when COMP reaches its maximum clamp value of 2. In the case of tantalum or electrolytic types, they can be further datashedt if a small parallel 0. When higher than 1.

Unfortunately I’m not sure what is the reason of my problem – probably messy PCB layout. Additionally I figured out that when I connect load 5 Ohm resistor SMPS chip warming up very fast and it persist even if I then disconnect load as well as voltage drop. When EN is higher than 1. This state continues until the cycle starts again. Protection features include cycle-by-cycle current limit, thermal shutdown, and frequency foldback at short circuit.

See Stability Compensation in the Application Information section. The input capacitor should be placed close to the IN and G pins of the IC, with the shortest traces possible. Connect this pin to the switching end of the inductor.

The voltage at this pin is regulated to 1.