Nothing could be finer than to cache in Carolina … again!

We are excited to welcome you all to North Carolina for GeoWoodstock XV. 10 years ago, we hosted GW V in Raleigh, so many of you will be making your second trip to our state for this flagship event. This will not be a repeat of the 2007 event. This time we will be in Waynesville, North Carolina for the main event on Saturday May 27, 2017 and in Asheville for many other days leading up to GW. We think you will love the area. Asheville is an eclectic city with many things to offer visitors include art, great food, many outdoor activities and one of the highest per capita ratio of people to breweries in the nation. We kind of like that last one! We have some fun activities and events already in the works. We plan to introduce some new traditions to GeoWoodstock, just as we did in 2007. And of course, we plan to have a great meal available for those who want one. Stay tuned for more information and follow us on social media for the very latest.

GeoWoodstock XV

Waynesville, NC - May 27, 2017

History of GeoWoodstock

The idea of GeoWoodstock is the brainchild of JoGPS, who in 2003 decided to host an event for "geocachers from all over". JoGPS says it started as “all about the numbers” but continues as “all about the number“ of new friends you make and smiles you share. GeoWoodstock has grown each year into what is today considered the annual convention for the international geocaching community. You’ll not only meet cachers from all over the United States and the world, but you can learn about the latest in geocaching tools and technology, meet and talk to experts in seminars and training sessions, and buy or sell geocaching and other interesting products. This is a very laid back event. If you have never attended a GeoWoodstock, make plans to attend now and see what it’s all about! If you have attended before, well, you know the feeling and we’ll see you in May 2017!
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#GW15 Tip of the day. From our FAQs, and prior posts, and probably future posts.

If I make a mistake in my order and pay for it, can it be corrected?

First, we ask everyone to please, please review your ordered items in your cart before going to checkout. And then again in checkout. Make certain that what you have listed there is what you want. And double check the quantities. Did you really mean to order 2 shirts, 5 train rides, 1,000 coins? That is the time to correct the items and quantities. However, if you still get past that point and after paying realize that you have made a mistake and need to correct something, use our contact email address to tell us specifically what the problem is. ALWAYS INCLUDE YOUR ORDER # WHEN CONTACTING US ABOUT AN ORDER. We can take care of most things so don't stress too much. If you make a mistake on name badge information, it's a little harder for us to fix that. What that really means is that we can't fix it. At least not now. If you have one of those errors, tell us about it. We're keeping a list of these so when we print off name badges, we will do our best to apply the change manually prior to printing. Worst case is we forget and you get a badge that isn't quite right. We'll have blanks that you can use to write in the correct info, or if it's a small item, you can just use a pen/pencil to correct it. We might even think to bring some white out.

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Just a quick question. Is the event pathtag included in the package of five pathtags for sale in the store? ...

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#GW15 We are reopening 2 shifts to wear the Signal suit on Saturday. This is one of the most popular volunteer positions, but it comes with MANDATORY Groundspeak REQUIREMENTS. If you are interested in filling either of these slots, please read the description (scroll down if necessary) on the signup page in our Shop. If you don't meet the requirements, don't sign up. We will contact you after you do to make certain. If the event day arrives and you don't meet the requirements, you won't get in the suit and we'll have to scramble to find someone to take your spot. ...

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At this moment I will be going solo. Who else is coming solo? ...

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We are already getting excited about GW15! Is it too early to be building our bookmark list?


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